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Sharing smiles and tales through rugs and carpet weaving experiences

Built on the bedrocks of love and compassion with the vision to create a society where equality, justice, and peace prevail through socioeconomic development providing an opportunity for all with the insurgent mission to serve as a social innovator promoting the cause of artisans (especially women) by providing them with job opportunities resulting in an uplifted rural society.

Our business is built on bedrock of values that goes back to our father and founder, Nand Kishore Chaudhary that combines kindness as our default demeanor, compassion for those around us, and the humility that everyone deserves dignity. This means that Jaipur will work with all those that stand for these values and it drives us as an organization to work with and tap into the creative capacity of those in society that are disadvantaged or rejected.

The unique combination of our father’s values, our unrivaled products and the blessings through the artisans to our customers provides our family business with an enduring source of competitive advantage. Hence, we aspire to become the leader in our trade and serve as the catalyst for how our industry creates both economic and humanitarian benefit for all stakeholders.

By living these values and striving to achieve our aspiration every day , we will ensure the legacy of our father and founder who is the fabric known to all of us as Jaipur.


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