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What To Expect When Traveling To India - A Simple Guide For First Time Traveler in India

Whether this your 5th trip to India or for the first time, you can discover something new every single time. Seeking a new high, you will always find one, such as the dynamism of its culture shock. The roads lined with cannabis indica in the North, the lush greenery of the South, the palm-fringed beaches in the West, and the quintessential mystery of the East- the bounties are endless. From big cities to quaint small towns you sill start a new journey through each part of India. Here is a simple guide on what to expect when traveling to India.

11th Feb 20
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Indian Hand Gestures and Body Language You Must Know

A smile is universally accepted facial expression of welcoming someone. However, India has some unique gestures and body languages which are sometimes too tricky to understand. Indians gestures are open, loud and highly expressive.

As a tourist, you may come across a lot of physical gestures when you visit India, and wonder what they actually mean? Some of these gestures are inspired from different mudra (postures) in Indian Classical Dance. Having a thorough knowledge of Indian gestures can help blend with the people and make sure you don’t get offended or offend someone else.

8th Feb 20
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Simple Step-by-Step Guide For Spicejet Web Check-In

Taking a trip to India is one of the best travel experiences in life. The vibrancy and diversity truly fascinate the inner explorer in us. So it is best that nothing hinders your journey and it goes without any delay or unnecessary waste of time.

We know boarding flights and check-in process takes lots of time off your journey. It includes reaching the airport, getting your baggage checked, and standing in long queues. Then comes the security check. This surely involves a lot of energy and time. Especially during connecting flights.

But what if we show you a way where you could save your energy as well as your time? Yes! A web Check-in is an easy and convenient way to get your boarding pass and go straight for the security check. You don't have to stand in long queues outside the boarding gates.

While visiting India, you may come across a lot of domestic low-cost carriers that provide web check-in facilities. The best among them is the Spicejet Web Checkin service.

Therefore, we have created a simple guide to let you know more in brief about the Spicejet Web Check-In service.

24th Jan 20
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Simple Step-by-Step Guide For Indigo Web Check-In

Being a passionate traveler, you wouldn't want anything to hinder your incredible experiences, right? Especially if you are visiting India. A few minutes wasted in more than enough to lose a handful of memorable moments. Well, the whole check-in process while boarding flights take a lot of your time you would rather spend somewhere else. Standing in long queues at the airport is nobody's favorite pastime! What if we tell you how to avoid all that? What if we tell you how to avoid long queues, time-consuming security checks and get your boarding pass right away? You are definitely in the right place! We have created a simple guide to give you a brief about web check-in service. A lot of low-cost Indian airlines provide web check-in through their websites or apps. The best of them all is the Indigo Web Check-in facility. So let us dig in further but before that let's put some light on what Web Check-in is all about

22nd Jan 20
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Best Tips For Cheap Flights To India

So you are backpacking across the world and now planning a trip to India? This vibrant, vast and diversely enigmatic country is the next stop on your journey?

How are planning to go? If you are anywhere across the world then flying to India is the only best option apart from cruise travel. But you need cheap flights to India so that you can spend the rest of your money exploring the country.

Don't worry! we are here to help. No matter which Indian city you wish to go to, visiting India would be much easier if you follow the guidelines and tips mentioned below.

We will show you how to get minimum flight prices at all the international airports in India. Whether you are flying from the United States or Australia, just read through and you will get your answers on how to book cheap airline tickets.

22nd Jan 20
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Travel Insurance In India - A complete Guide To How It Works

The most important check before travel - Hotel? Check. Forex? Check. Tour? Check. Transport? Check. Food? Check. Travel Insurance? No idea how it works? Does it seem like the process is too tedious? Well, if you have just landed in any part of India and do not have travel insurance, you must get it to avoid getting into later-on tedious procedures. Ideally, you should take travel insurance before leaving your country or travel start as this insurance offer a lot of benefit for flight travel as well.

If you are an Indian and traveling abroad this travel insurance guide will help you with all technical aspects and different companies who are giving travel insurance.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers you with a lot of hassle if you encounter while traveling. It covers you not only for medical emergencies but also on the flight if any unpleasant event like flight delay, baggage loss, passport loss, or travel emergency cash or accidental death as well. Hence it is imperative to buy travel insurance before your travel starts.

22nd Jan 20
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How To Check Live Train Status, Platform, and Coach Position

So you are boarding a train while being on your trip to India? The last thing you would want to happen while traveling in Indian railways is ending up in a wrong coach, wrong platform or even a wrong train altogether.

Amidst the hassle and the bustling on the railway platforms, it gets difficult to find your coach. The same goes for locating the platform number on which one train is arriving. Indian railway trains have train names or numbers, that can be identified through a proper railway enquiry. Maybe you are facing a train delay or stuck between a million passengers trying to board some train as well?

Not to worry!

19th Jan 20
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How to get a local sim card in India as a tourist

A trip to India is always a mind-boggling experience, especially if you are a first-time traveler. Maybe you are backpacking across the North or spending some quality time in the serene backwaters of Kerala, staying connected with the rest of the world while traveling to India is very essential. As a foreign tourist visiting India, it is often stressful to stay connected wherever you go. A local sim card will come in handy as you can use the internet while making online transactions, payments, booking an uber or as simple as using the Google maps. You could call a hotel or a new friend that you made in Jaipur or Mumbai. Sim card is a lifeline of cell phone and it must be kept alive while you travel.

9th Jan 20
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Best Luxury Train Travel Guide - Deluxe Trains That Give You Royal Glimpses Of India

Are you someone who doesn’t like to explore the tourist sites behind a car window? So you want something more convenient that just sleeper rail coaches? You would like to take the hospitality to the next level and still travel by train? Well, you are in the right place. Unlike other tourist destinations around the world, India offers luxury train tours that may look like normal rail wagons to you but resemble moving palaces. They might not come cheap as compared to your other Indian rail journeys, some of them costing as high as 10,000 dollars. But with relishing meals, guided tours, incredible monuments, and cultural sites offered altogether, you wouldn’t worry about how long the bill gets.

7th Dec 19
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The Ultimate Safety Guide To Follow While Travelling In India

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck in an unwanted situation in a foreign country. Therefore it is essential to ensure your safety and stay vigilant at all times. The same goes for a country like India. Yes, India has some of the best picturesque and photogenic sites and landmarks to offer, but to enjoy them without any problems should also be our priority.

12th Nov 19
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The Best Time To Visit India Around The Year - The Ultimate Climate Guide For You To Know

Packing summer clothes along with a raincoat and a sweater might seem like a livid idea to you, right? Maybe it won’t if you are visiting the enigmatic Indian subcontinent. India is a country that not only boasts diversity in culture but also climate conditions and weather. From piercing cold in the Northern plains to humid tropical Southern states, where ever you wish to go in India, it is important to make sure you have complete knowledge of the climate of your desired destination.

12th Nov 19
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How To Save Money While Visiting India - Tips To Complete Your Travel In Low Budget

Maybe you are someone who has decided to have a weekend getaway in India? Or maybe you are a backpacker traveling with a tight budget? Whatsoever your reason maybe, India can be quite expensive if you want it to be. From travel fares to food and accommodation, the more things you add in your list, the larger the bill gets and smaller your savings. How about we show a few easy ways to save money while traveling in India without compromising with experiencing magnificent sites?

12th Nov 19
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The Simple Food Guide Of India - What To Eat Region-wise While Traveling

Even wondered why India was the most sought after country by foreign invaders? For its wealth? No. For its gold? No. The answer is - ‘Food’. And the reason why its food attracted so many rulers was the abundance of spices all across India. Spices, condiments and varied ingredients used to prepare countless dishes make India one of the few nations with invaluable gastronomical wealth. As diverse as its landscape so is its long list of cuisine.

12th Nov 19
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Major Festivals In India - The Simple Guide For You To Enjoy The Festive Season

Imagine an Indian version of the 4th of July with a week-long celebration or the La Tomatina festival where instead of tomatoes a wide array of colors are used. To experience such vibrancy in festivals there is only one place to be in the world - India. Festivals are meant to make the best memories of a lifetime with our friends and family while upholding the traditions and culture. Every Indian festival is thus meant to deliver the same. But you wonder what are they? When are they celebrated? And why?

12th Nov 19
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How to book a train ticket in India as a tourist

Trains are the most convenient and easiest way to travel across the country. As a tourist, it can be quite stressful to get your hands upon a train ticket seeing how complicated the process gets. Here is a simple guide that will give you an idea of how to book train tickets as a foreigner.

12th Nov 19
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What Should Men Wear In India - A Simple Guide For Tourists

Men traveling to India need to hide skin too? Maybe but unlike women, the list of clothes to wear for men in India is quite simple and liberal. Still, you can’t walk with a t-shirt proclaiming your love for cuss words. You even can’t wear shorts to an Indian wedding. Therefore it is important to know what exactly is appropriate for men to wear in India.

8th Nov 19
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What Should Female Tourists Wear In India - A Simple Guide

It isn’t that India, one of the fasting growing economies in the world, has strict dress standards regarding the clothing of women. It is quite liberal and lenient. But as far as the fact goes that while visiting a new country, you should know how women dress there. It becomes one of your first few steps in embracing its culture and respecting its norms.

8th Nov 19
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9 Best Tips For Eating In India Without Getting Sick

India is the land of a street food paradise. A long list of scrumptious delicacies may tempt you beyond a point. But it is important to have a thorough knowledge of what to eat, how to eat and when you eat. It will ensure that you don’t suffer from dysentery and treat your tastebuds exuberantly.

7th Nov 19
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A Tourist's Guide For Accommodation In India

You would never want to end up in a bug-filled room or a homestay with no toilet. Neither do we. While backpacking across a vast country like India, it is quite an essential and gruesome task to find budget-friendly accommodation which would not take over your other expenses. From Boathouse to local lodges, from pilgrimage stays to luxury establishments, we have created a simple guide for you to know how to find a perfect place to stay in India.

6th Nov 19
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Free WiFi Zones In Major Cities Across India

As you walk through the rugged terrains of Ladakh or cruise through the backwaters of Kerala, if there is anything you need to stay connected with the rest of the world is a proper internet and mobile connectivity. India is a vast country with an immensely diversified landscape. So to make sure you do not lose track of things, locations or even yourself; you need to stay constantly connected to the internet. Thanks to the ‘Digital India’ initiative of the Government of India, you can access dozens of public wifi zones apart from restaurants and cafes.

6th Nov 19
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How To Travel By Using Cab Services In India - The Ultimate Guide

So you are in India for a business trip? You don’t want to ruin your business suits? Or maybe you prefer exploring the streets of India through the window of an air-conditioned vehicle? Whatever your reason may be, there is no denying the fact that riding in a colorful cab in India is both a wholesome and sophisticated experience. India is famous for its cabs which follow different colored livery and a metered-fare system.

6th Nov 19
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How To Travel By Bus In India

What would be the easiest way for you to go from one point to another while traveling in India? Is it a plane? Yes but very expensive. Is it a train? Yes but a lot of hassles while booking tickets! Is it a rickshaw? You can’t possibly be thinking of traveling from Mumbai to Delhi by rickshaw, are you? So the only mode of convenient transportation that is left is the ultimate - Bus services in India. Yes, you may come across a bit of a problem while traveling across India by bus but there is no such thing as a trouble-free journey. Buses in India are far cheaper as compared to trains or planes or cabs for that matter. Their convenience depends upon where you are heading and what kind of bus you choose to travel. It isn’t right comparing a bus experience in Mumbai and the one on the Himalayan roads.

6th Nov 19
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Best Tips To Find Safe Drinking Water in India

India has a water problem and its a fact. It is not the lack of water that should worry you as a tourist, but the abundance of tap water which is unsafe to drink. Unlike Indians, your body anatomy is not suitable or immune to the countless bacterias and impunities in the water available in India and so you need to know where and how to find proper safe drinking water.

6th Nov 19
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Best Tips and Guide To Access Toilets in India For Tourists

So you had plenty of street food and need to relieve yourself? But you don’t know where are toilets located? You also don’t have a faint idea of whether they are hygienic or not? Don’t worry we got you covered. Thanks to the ‘Swacch Bharat’ (Clean India) campaign, thousands of toilets grace the major cities and rural areas. Even though a large number of people still resort to open defecation in India, you don't have to do so as well.

6th Nov 19
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Essential Guide To Understand Common Indian Vocabulary and Phrases

With about 22 recognized languages across the country, India is home to more than 1500 minor dialects and languages. Hindi is the primary language spoken by the majority of the population while English is the secondary language extensively spoken across South India.

2nd Nov 19
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