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Delhi is the capital of India. The city's soul lies in its culture and the monuments. This place has been ruled by multiple dynasties since time immemorial. As a result, it has signature properties belonging to respective kingdoms which once ruled this place. Heritage Walking Tour of Delhi is the best way to explore this city and experience the real charm of this place.

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Something about Old Delhi :

Old Delhi is well-known for Chandni Chowk, old monuments, some amazing food places, and its uncanny characteristics of Pigeon keeping and breeding tradition. Listen to captivating stories of pigeon fights by a bird keeper near the Turkman Gate. 

Witness the dynamism of Old Delhi in this splendid heritage walk. 

This tour will take to the battered and age-old gates of Delhi. There are a total of 14 gates, out of which only 5 stand currently with all that is left of them. The most prominent being the Turkman Gate which is located near the Ram Leela Maidan. 

Named after the Sufi saint Shah Turkman Bayabani, it houses the tomb of the respective saint till date. 

An 8th-century monument, Turkman Gate is believed to be built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as a part of his city Shahjahanabad. It is home to exclusive handicrafts works housing shops selling various kinds of beads. 

Get a chance to interact with the local shopkeepers and get to know intriguing stories about the past. 

Later, brace yourself for compelling storytelling of the Razia Sultan known as the only female ruler of Delhi. 

A fulfilling tour is full of extravagance that will leave you wanting for more.

Something More about Heritage Walks of Delhi

About Delhi and it's History

Delhi has been one of the most iconic cities of India since time memorial. It has been a prominent place since 6th Century BC. 

Although its reference can be found in the "Mahabharata", an epic narrative about the two warrior groups - The Pandavas and the Kauravas. As per this narrative, this city was the capital of these rulers as long back as 1400 BCE.

The place has been ruled by multiple rulers, most prominent being the Mughals. The city was captured, ransacked,and rebuilt by every dynasty which took over this place. 

Delhi was considered to be the feather in the cap for any ruler. 

Since India’s independence in 1947, Delhi has become a major metropolitan area; it has spread north and south along the Yamuna River, spilled onto the river’s east bank, stretched over the Delhi Ridge to the west, and extended beyond the boundaries of the national capital territory into adjacent states.

New Delhi, once adjacent to Delhi, is now part of the larger city, as are the seats (or their remains) of the former empires. Between ancient mausoleums and forts have sprouted high-rise towers, commercial complexes, and other features of the contemporary city.

The current Delhi has a remnant of all such Dynasties in some or other form. Its an amalgamation of various cultures and has a history like no other place in the world.

What are "Heritage Walks"?

By definition, heritage means property that has been inherited from someone.

Heritage walk is a tool to explore the unexplored and neglected richness of the country. It plays an important role for the development of history and character of the city through generating interests and involvement of the local community in the urban conservation activity.

The Heritage Walks have become one of the essential things to do while travelling! A seasoned traveler knows how important an important activity this is, more so, for places with a rich cultural past. 

India as a country, can proudly boast of several historical places where a mix of cultures has created a unique diversity that is unmatched. Delhi or the City of monuments is one such place – a city that is deeply rooted in tradition, yet metamorphosing into a fast-moving metropolis. 

Any tourist who visits Delhi for the first time, its important to identify and visit the spots which still has the old school charm left, and which has not been completely taken over the new era. This is where the heritage walks become so important.

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