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Monuments, Gastronomy, and Diversity. What else is left to explore in this country of more than a billion people? The answer to this question would be the lesser-known and mind-boggling Palaeolithic sites in India. The study of human evolution and society is one of the most sought-after and intriguing topics one can come across. It helps us to understand the primal ways through which pre-evolved humans sustained their lives. Being home to countless dynasties before and after Vedic times, India has always been fortunate in terms of historical remains, artifacts, and monuments. With the popularity of Indus Valley Civilisation that draws millions of tourists and history fanatics to the Indian subcontinent, it is important to mention the long list of Palaeolithic sites gracing the landscape of this country.
16th Oct 19
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Nestled amidst the Aravali hills, and situated centrally between Udaipur and Jodhpur, This place is a beautiful amalgamation of wildlife, culture, history and archaeology where you can not only see but experience the everyday life of rural India. Jawai, a place at stone throw away from Korta, is called “The land of Leopards”, and rightly so, because here, the leopard sighting goes as high as 85%.The images followed in this article will compel you to think why this beauty isn’t on top of the world maps.
15th Oct 19
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Any city you visit the best way to see and explore the local culture, people, food, history, architecture is by walking through its lanes briskly and slowly. We have collected the 9 best ways to explore Mumbai city. If you are eager to explore Mumbai, get ready to experience the culture, stories, tales, food, and people.
14th Oct 19
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In this week's featured story, meet Dee Ann Bauer! She is passionate about saving the culture and camels tribe Raika in Sadri, Rajasthan and is extending her journey to save camels in Jaisalmer. She believes in minimalism and is also called as "Reductionist". This recent empty-nester, mother of 3 young adults, shares how a vacation in Rajasthan 4 years ago, changed her so much that she dedicated her time to save the camels who were getting extinct due to diseases and less commercial use.
13th Oct 19
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Sparkling firecrackers, colorful rangolis and a mesmerizing trail of lights as far as the sight goes, complimented by a heart-lifting aura everywhere. This is what Diwali is all about. A fine example of ‘Christmas coming early’ in India, the Festival of Lights brightens up not only the landscape of the country but also the vicinities of our tired souls. Families and friends come together in this grand celebration about the victory of good over evil, a jovial affair of new beginnings and portraying love towards each other. The festival is based on the Hindu lunar calendar and takes place in either late October or early November, In 2019, Diwali starts with Dhanteras on October 25, while it concludes on October 29. The five days of Diwali portray different meanings. The first day is Dhanteras, an auspicious day for financial beginnings. The second day is known as Choti Diwali, while the third day is the important day when Goddess Laxmi is idolized and offered prayers. The fourth day is called Govardhan Puja while the final day is known as Bhai Dooj when it is dedicated to all brothers and sisters. From traditional booming celebrations in the Northern parts of the country to the peaceful aesthetic festivities in the south, let us further know why Diwali is the best time to visit India.
12th Oct 19
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