Inspire the World with your Travel Stories

There are many travel enthusiasts who are filled with queries and anxieties. Ever thought that your potential knowledge from your past travel experience can help others? A few words of personal experience and a bit of pictures, is all you need, to share this knowledge with the world out there. This can really benefit someone who is planning their next trip to India.

The kind of stories we are looking for

TheIndianTrip is looking for stories/write ups that will help the fellow travellers like you who are seeking some travel experiences of India.

The articles can cover city level, state level nuances and should demonstrate your first hand experience of the places you visited. The topics could revolve around why did you visit India, what you witnessed in form of History, Culture, Personal experience with local people, some "must-visit" places, food experience etc.


Here are some pointers to help you to structure your story:

  • Title
  • A brief about your personal experience of the destination (in the section "your travel story of India")
  • 2-3 photos of yours to go along with the post


Story Title Examples

  • Unique Gothic Structures of Mumbai's heritage buildings
  • Experience Taj Mahal during Sunrise
  • The street food of Delhi's Khan Market
  • My Block printing experience in Jaipur
  • A 5 days trip to Jodhpur and jaipur in Rajasthan
  • Paragliding experience in Rishikesh
  • 7 Best places for a Vegan to eat in Delhi
  • 5 Strange Places in India that would surprise you


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