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The Magic of Mumbai at your disposal

 Zamorin of Bombay searches the city to find these unique experiences and tales that will not only bewilder the local but leave you wanting for more. Born in Mumbai, India, I am an enthusiastic and innovative person whose dream is to help get the world together through Cultural Understanding. Having worked in the field of Hospitality for Five Years under coveted Domestic and International Brands, I am also a Freelance Travel Writer and has written for many publications including the Hindustan Times Brunch & This Week, Mauritius and has my own website and cultural channel WHYWEDOWHATWEDO.

I am deeply passionate about travel and general philosophy as my motto in life is "Provocans ad Voldum", Latin for Provocation to Fly. Provoke the other mind to fly to new horizons such that I realize that life is not always the way we look at it. Conversant in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi, I love to write and meet different people in the eyes of sociology, psychology, history and theology. Being approachable and open minded, I would be delighted to be in touch with you and answer any valued query in email or post.


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