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Discover Mumbai With Me - A Travel Filmaker

Hey there! If you want to explore Mumbai and want an interesting story to be captured out of it? Then you are at the right place! I am Tejas. A travel film maker by passion and Mumbaikar by heart! I am here to give you indepth and vivid insights about the city but here's the catch! As you move along the streets of this metropolis while enjoying the dynamic landscapes, I will be capturing you and your partners in my camera.

I'm a travel Filmmaker. I create unique cinematic travel films starring people. My work featured on national TV thrice. I have a unique style to shoot and edit videos and deliver it on time. I have created more than 16 different travel films starring different peoples, I am always ready to shoot epic video and make you a star ! 

I offer to make a travel movie of your entire tour with me as you explore the destinations of Mumbai! Don't worry, we can plan a specific theme or large number of ideas according to your choice and how you want the film to be made! While having a juicy Vadapav or Pav Bhaji, you will have some of the best moments of your life with me as you not only experience the essence of this very city but also capture them to cherish for a lifetime. Brace yourself as we indulge in the journey, together as friends!


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