Holi Festival Tour in India for March 2020

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About Holi Festival

Holi Festival is a festival of colours. It is celebrated in entire India. Though it is celebrated for many reasons, here are 2 of the biggest legends around this fest:

Celebrating the Good over the Evil

As per the legend, a king named Hiranyakashyap wanted to rule the world. However, his 7 year old son Prahlad refused to bow down to him. Prahlad was a devotee of the lord Vishnu.

The mad king commanded his sister Holika, to enter a fire with Prahlad in her lap. Holika had a boon that she would never get burnt, however it was only if she was alone.

In the end, Holika turned to ashes, where as Prahlad was left untouched due to his devotion to the lord. This marks the win of good over evil, and thus the celebrations.

Celebrations of Colours

As per the legend, Lord Krishna was jealous of his lover Radha's complexion. Hence, he started this tradition of playing with colours once a year, when he could smear his lover's face with colors.

He also played colours and danced around with other Gopis around the same time. Gopis were other lovers of Krishna.

This tradition soon gained popularity amongst the others, and later became a festival which was celebrated every year. It is celebrated around the full moon period

This trip is going to be a short backpacking journey, full of old traditions and practises. Enjoy this festival of Holi at the birthplace of Lord Krishna at Mathura, Vrindavan.

The colours, the fun, getting high on 'bhaang', people high on life, this tour has all the elements which a backpacker looks for. You will also get an expert navigation of a tour guide. This festival tour is coming up in March 2020.

How does Holi fare against Tomato Festival

Holi is at least 10 times the Tomatino Festival held in Spain.

La Tomatina is a Spanish festival that includes throwing ripe tomatoes at other participants in an attempt to drench them in tomato juice for good fun. Holi is an Indian festival that includes throwing colored powder and colored solution at other people in order to color them.

Holi is an Indian festival that includes throwing colored powder and colored solution at other people in order to color them. The festivities can also include pichkaris (a gun that can be loaded with water or colored solution) or water balloons. The festival usually lasts over 2 days, but in some parts of India, it can last for a week. The first part of the celebration is known as Little Holi, which involves burning a pile of wood and placing offerings to it such as coconut, rice, turmeric powder, rice and other such items depending on the region. The burning is followed with dancing and music and is supposed to signify welcoming of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil.

The festivities continue on the second day with people waking up to color each other with powdered color (inside the house) and then meeting outside in an open area and drenching each other with water and watered color. The objective is to color people with various different colors. Festivities can also include dancing and music and also sweets and bhang (a drink made with mixing milk with an intoxicating substance made from the cannabis leaf). The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

Who should attend this festival -

  1. Youngsters - This fest is filled with energy and vibes. Always appeals the youth.
  2. Backpackers - You can make friends on the way. This festival allows everyone to play colours with each other. This is an ideal situation for solo travellers and the backpackers.
  3. Friends and Family - Families can shows this cultural festival to their children and spread the joy and happiness. Friends also get a chance to get together, have fun with colors, music and food to celebrate this entire day.

About Mathura

It’s a city in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. This place can be covered en route any of these 3 cities, which are also known as the Golden Triangle route of India –

  1. Delhi – Capital of India, which is famous for Red Fort, Qutub Minar, India Gate, Raj Ghat and Jama Masjid (one of the largest mosque of India)
  2. Agra – the city which is famous for the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.
  3. Jaipur – the Pink City, which is famous for Hawa Mahal, City palace and Amber Fort


Day 1 - Mathura :   Welcome to Mathura - the Land of Holi Celebrations

Day 2 - Mathura :   Women hitting Men: The Lathmaar Holi

Day 3 - Mathura :   Head to Nandgaon : the birthplace of Lord Krishna


The accommodation in an Ashram and/or Standard Hotels

A backpacking experience

Meals as mentioned in day wise itinerary

All the internal transfers during the trip


You getting high on bhaang (having a glass of bhaang is good for health, but we can not say this for having many glasses)


Please carry multiple clothes which can be thrown away. People use all kind of colors to play with each other, and the clothes get damaged easily. Post the celebrations, you will not be able to reuse any of your clothes.

Everyone is going to colour your face. Make sure you do the same to them.

You will also fill your stomach with sweets and various food, which are prepared only for Holi celebrations


All internal transfers are included in this trip

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Day 1 - Mathura :   Welcome to Mathura - the Land of Holi Celebrations

An overnight train from any part of India can get you to Mathura City. It is well connected with trains. Arrive at Mathura in the morning and head to refresh yourselves at an ashram. Once you take some rest at the ashram, you will move to see the craziest Holi celebration at noon.

You will have your lunch on the way and head to Barsana, a small village around Mathura. Here you will celebrate Holi with Laddu (Sweet Balls), red color and some pumping music.

Then you will have your overnight stay at Vrindavan.

Read More about Holi in the blog mentioned on our website.

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Day 2 - Mathura :   Women hitting Men: The Lathmaar Holi

Post breakfast, you will move to Barsana - Radha’s village. Here you will Witness the Lathmaar Holi.

What is a Lathmaar Holi -

As per the mythology, Radha was a devout Lover of the lord Krishna. Despite being the lord, Krishna used to surrender to the wishes of Radha, take out time and dance to the tunes of love alongside his devotee and lover Radha. This signifies that a women could even make God dance to her tunes.

In Barsana, people celebrate this power of women. Though, they do it in a unique manner.

Women take up sticks and beat their men, though in a friendly manner. Men on the other hand, carry around the shields to save themselves from being hit by these sticks. It is an amazing sight where hundreds of men are being beaten by hundreds of women. We bet it will leave you in splits of laughter.

The entire city is filled with colours. You will also get to enjoy interesting local food on the way.

In the evening, you will be visiting Vishram Ghat. Here, you will visit some important shrines of Mathura. Then you will have your overnight stay at Vrindavan.

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Day 3 - Mathura :   Head to Nandgaon : the birthplace of Lord Krishna

This is the village where Lord Krishna was brought up.

Nandgaon is the place in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Krishna was brought up by his foster parents. People say that his presence can still be felt throughout this place. This place is very close to Mathura and Vrindavan, and it is considered to be one of the most religious sites for Hindus. Every Krishna Devotee pays a visit in his lifetime to this place.

You will see something different from the holi celebrations which you saw earlier. Here, people will be seen dancing, enjoying and making a typical kind of sound. They make this sound by placing the back of their hands on their mouths.

You will move to Mathura for lunch, and then your amazing journey ends here. You will board your train for your journey ahead.

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