Diwali 2020 - The most celebrated festival of India

The warm ambiance of earthen diyas, relishing waft of rich sweets, exuberant pop of firecrackers and the sense of belongingness in the air yes your guess is right its Diwali festival of India. All these things would be far less to define the magnitude of the grand ‘Festival of Lights’ - Diwali. It is a famous hindu festival celebrated for victory by God Ram for good over evil on a moon day as per hindu calendar.

The Diwali 2020 date is Saturday, November 14.

Also known as the ‘Festival of Hope and New Beginnings’, Diwali is celebrated all across the country, from major urban towns to small rural alleys, all you will find is lights and happy faces. It is usually celebrated for five days with each day symbolising unique significance, traditions, and rituals. Diwali is celebrated by worshiping Lakshmi the Goddess of money in the evening and after that firecrackers are busted, & variety of sweats are distributed with loved one.

This festival is observed as God Ram came back to home after 14 years of exile on date of lunar calendars after winning a war with demon Ravan and other demons Narakasura.

The most important festival for Hindus, Diwali is also celebrated in other religions such as Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Attainment of wealth, peace and prosperity along with achieving triumph over evil are major elements of the supreme celebration of lights.

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