Tosham Hill range, Bhiwani


About Tosham Hill range

Tosham hill range (Tusham hill range old spelling), located at and in the area around Tosham, with an average elevation of 207 meters (679 feet), and the rocks exposed in and around Tosham hills are part of subsurface north western spur of Alwar group of Delhi supergroup of Aravalli Mountain Range, belong to the Precambrian Malani igneous suite of rocks and have been dated at 732 Ma BP (million years before present). This range in Aravalli Craton is a remnant of the outer ring of a fallen chamber of an extinct volcano. Tosham hill range covers the hills at Tosham, Khanak and Riwasa as well as the small rocky outcrops at Nigana, Dulehri, Dharan, Dadam and Kharkari Makhwan. Among these, Khanak hill is the largest in area and tallest in height. It is an important biodiversity area within the "western-southern Haryana" spur of the Northern Aravalli leopard wildlife corridor.
Tosham Hill range is located in City of Bhiwani state of Haryana which has other variety of things to explore

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