Mizoram State Museum, Aizawl


About Mizoram State Museum

The Mizoram State Museum is in Aizawl, Mizoram, India. It is an ethnographic museum with multipurpose collections on display. There are five galleries: Textile Gallery, Ethnology, History, Anthropology, Natural History, and Archeology Terrace. The collection occupies four floors. The museum was established in April 1977 by the Tribal Research Institute under Education Department. In 1989 it came under Art and Culture department, up till now. The museum was earlier housed in a rented building but on 14 July 1990 it was moved to a new building, at Mc Donald Hill. The museum galleries have undergone a lot of renovation under the care of Indian Museum, Kolkata. Financial assistance was also received from Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.
Mizoram State Museum is located in City of Aizawl state of Mizoram which has other variety of things to explore

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