Magen Abraham Synagogue, Ahmedabad


About Magen Abraham Synagogue

Magen Abraham Synagogue is the only Jewish synagogue of Gujarat state situated in Ahmedabad, India. It was built in 1934 using donations from members of the Bene Israel Jewish community of the state.


The synagogue is built in the Art deco style with marble chequered floors and a large ark. It is built in an Indo-Judaica architectural form. The furniture consists of movable pews arranged around a central Bimah. The Ark contains multiple Torahs of many sizes and in hard cases. The women's balcony is unusual (as compared to other synagogues in India) in that it is not supported by pillars. The synagogue has Grecian pillars with triangular roof and high ceiling. There are several religious artifacts including artistic grills, stained glass windows and chandeliers.

Magen Abraham Synagogue is located in City of Ahmedabad state of Gujarat which has other variety of things to explore

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