Loharu Fort, Bhiwani


About Loharu Fort

Loharu Fort was built in the year 1570 CE by Thakur Arjun Singh. Rao Shekha had originally divided Shekhawati into 33 thikanas, of which Loharu Fort was 33rd. It was then a small village with a kuccha, a mud fort, and stayed as such until 1800 CE.


Over the years of the constructions Loharu Fort came to include an interesting blend of architecture. The south-wing of the fort contained the Diwan-E-khas and the Sheesh Mahal or The Room Of Mirrors, which has Mughal/Rajput style details. The central part of the south wing contained a large Victorian Style audience chamber and banquet hall. The right side of the south-wing consisted of the Zanana Mahal along with the kitchens. The left side of the south-wing was purely Mughal architecture. The east-wing was executed in the Delhi Haveli style which was considered very fashionable at the time and was distinct from the Shekhawati Havel.

Loharu Fort is located in City of Bhiwani state of Haryana which has other variety of things to explore

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