Kohhran Thianghlim, Aizawl


About Kohhran Thianghlim

Kohhran Thianghlim (The Holy Church) is a nondenominational Christian sect in Mizoram, northeast India. It was founded by Dr L.B. Sailo (Lalbiakmawia Sailo) in 1984. The founder is a certified veterinary doctor working as the Director of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department, Government of Mizoram. It is headquartered in Aizawl at Chawlhhmun, where its Solomon's Temple is located. It is administered by the Executive Committee, which has subordinate boards to manage sectional activities. It is spread all over Mizoram with seven administrative divisions. It uses David's star as insignia on its flag, emblem and Temple.
Kohhran Thianghlim is located in City of Aizawl state of Mizoram which has other variety of things to explore

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