Kaithal Knowledge Guide


Sikh rule in Kaithal

In 1767, it fell into the hands of the Singh Krora Misl chieftain, Bhai Desu Singh (d. 1781), who led a large Sikh force from his native village of Bhucho. In the Punjab. whose descendants, the bhais of Kaithal, ranked among the most powerful Cis-Sutlej states. The Sikh Chieftains of Kaithal, ruled from 1767 until its fall in 1843. By 1808, it came under British influence. The state was ruled by the Scindhia dynasty of the Maratha Empire and paid tributes to the Marathas, until the Second Anglo-Maratha War of 1803-1805, after which the Marathas lost this territory to the British. Bhai Udey Singh ruled over Kaithal and proved as the last King. Bhai Udey Singh died on 14 March 1843. It became a municipality in 1867. In 1901, the town had a population of 14,408 and was the tehsil in the district of Karnal. The fort of the Bhais is still extant, and their title Bhai became common with the primary Sikh rulers. Peoples of Kaithal took active part in freedom struggle in 1857.