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For the village in Azerbaijan, see Hovari.Haveri is a town in Karnataka, India, It is the administrative headquarters of Haveri District. The name Haveri is derived from the Kannada words havu and keri, which means place of snakes. Haveri is famous for its cardamom garlands. It is said that Haveri had around 1000 mathas (sacred religious places; Kannada - ಮಠ) in ancient days. One of the famous mathas is Hukkeri Math. Haveri is also famous for marketing Byadagi red chillies, which are well known all over India. Around 25 km away, there is a place called Bada which is the birthplace of the poet Kanakadasa. Haveri is 7 hours away from Bangalore by train. It is the middle way stop between Hubli and Davanagere. It is the stop 72 km before Hubli and 72 km after Davanagere. By road, it is about 340 km from Bangalore on NH-4 towards Mumbai. It is located 307 km north of the port city Mangalore. Haveri nickname- Yalakki kampina nadu. Haveri have medium stage in education. Haveri has a Government Engineering College at Devagiri started in the year 2007.
Haveri is located in the state of Karnataka in India. You can explore here 10 things to do for your memorable trip. Explore Haveri, one of the beautiful Indian destination which is unique for its diversities in culture, language, religion, cuisines, landscapes, water bodies, and climate. Haveri cuisine boasts of having a large variety and is famous with many vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes which are made out of local herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Haveri witnesses all four seasons and each climatic condition of Haveri is a different experience.

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