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Haldwani [ɦəld̪ʋaːniː] is the second most populous city, the largest commercial market in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. With a population of 556,078 in 2011, it is also the largest city of the Kumaon region. Haldwani is located in the Nainital District, and is one of its eight Subdivisions. The Haldwani Urban agglomeration has 10,32,095 people, and is the third most populous UA in Uttarakhand, after Dehradun and Haridwar. Being situated in the immediate foothils of Kumaon Himalayas, Haldwani is known as the "Gateway to Kumaon". The name "Haldwani" is an anglicised version of the Kumaoni word "Halduvani" (literally "forest of Haldu"), named after the tree of "Haldu" (Kadamb), known to botanists as Haldina cordifolia. The Haldu trees were found in abundance prior to deforestation for agriculture and settlement. The place was regionally known as Halduvani until George William Traill took over as Commissioner of Kumaon and renamed it to Haldwani in 1834.Located in the Bhabhar region in the Himalayan foothills on the banks of the Gaula River, the town of Haldwani was established in 1834, as a mart for hill people who visited Bhabar during the cold season. The establishment of the Bareilly-Nainital provincial road in 1882 and the Bhojeepura-Kathgodam railway line by Rohilkund and Kumaon Railway in 1884 helped develop the town into a major trading post and then a hub between the hilly regions of Kumaon and the Indo-Gangetic Plains.
Haldwani is located in the state of Uttarakhand in India. You can explore here 40 things to do for your memorable trip. Explore Haldwani, one of the beautiful Indian destination which is unique for its diversities in culture, language, religion, cuisines, landscapes, water bodies, and climate. Haldwani cuisine boasts of having a large variety and is famous with many vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes which are made out of local herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Haldwani witnesses all four seasons and each climatic condition of Haldwani is a different experience.

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