Why Choose Bateshwar Tour

Bateshwar is also called the “Teerathraj” as there are 101 temples in a line on the banks of Yamuna. Only some of them are in good condition but most of them are either drowned in the river Yamuna or demolished with time. The temples are located at the bank of river Yamuna in a big ancient village which is situated in the dunes. The forest area next to the temples awakens spirituality with the pious water of the river Yamuna.

The recognition of the temple is far away. People have adopted a ritual to donate bells for the fulfillment of their wishes. Bells ranging from 50 gms to five quintals have been donated.

There are more than one and a half thousand pilgrims every day in Bateshwar in which most of them come from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi.

There is a famous Jain temple nearby, the Shri Shauripur Bateshwar Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra. It is famous as Kalyanak place of 22nd Teerthankara Shri Neminath Bhagwan.

The whole place is located in the dunes so one can not expect the availability of high-class hotels and other such amenities there it is advised if you are visiting stay in Agra and make a day visit. 

So, in conclusion, if you are bored of regular life, if you feel that traveling mountains is becoming too common, go, visit, and spend some two or three days there in Bateshwar and find your own self near the bank of river Yamuna.

Bateshwar is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. You can explore here 31 things to do for your memorable trip. Explore Bateshwar, one of the beautiful Indian destination which is unique for its diversities in culture, language, religion, cuisines, landscapes, water bodies, and climate. Bateshwar cuisine boasts of having a large variety and is famous with many vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes which are made out of local herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Bateshwar witnesses all four seasons and each climatic condition of Bateshwar is a different experience.

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