Basirhat Knowledge Guide


Basirhat has a long history of farmer's movements like the Tebhaga movement. Basirhat subdivision was formed on 1 January 1861 as per a Government order and it consisted of Balia Pargana's Basirhāt, Kalinagār, Hāruā and Hasnābād Police Stations. Previously, Basirhat was under the jurisdiction of Barasat sub-division and was named as Basurhāt till 1896. Basirhat municipality was established on 1 April 1869 and it is divided into 23 wards covering an area of 22.5 km².



Basirhat was connected with Barasat by the narrow gauge Barasat Basirhat Railway operated by Martin's Light Railways. It was closed down in 1955 and subsequently converted to broad gauge. The railway tracks in the region have been electrified and there are EMU services between Sealdah and Hasnabad provided by the Kolkata Suburban Railway.


Bus services to Kolkata and other places are available.