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Balarama (Sanskrit: बलराम, IAST: Balarāma) is a god and the elder brother of Krishna. He is particularly significant in the Jagannath tradition, as one of the triad deities. He is also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra, Haladhara and Halayudha. The first two epithets refer to his strength, the last two associate him with Hala (Langala, "plough") from his strong associations with farming and farmers, as the deity who used farm equipment as weapons when needed.In ancient hinduism and hindu texts, Lord Balarama is considered to be the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu in Dashavatar and the brother of the 9th avatar of Vishnu, Lord Krishna. But in the modified versions of the texts, he is considered to be an avatar of Shesha – the Nāga companion of Vishnu, and he is replaced by the founder of Buddhism, Buddha, in the list of Dashavatar of Vishnu.Balarama's significance in the Indian culture has ancient roots. His image in artwork is dated to around the start of the common era, and in coins dated to the 2nd-century BCE. In Jainism, he is known as Baladeva and has been a historically significant farmer-related deity.
Balaram is located in the state of Gujarat in India. You can explore here 2 things to do for your memorable trip. Explore Balaram, one of the beautiful Indian destination which is unique for its diversities in culture, language, religion, cuisines, landscapes, water bodies, and climate. Balaram cuisine boasts of having a large variety and is famous with many vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian dishes which are made out of local herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Balaram witnesses all four seasons and each climatic condition of Balaram is a different experience.

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