Nahargarh Water Walk

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Heritage Water Walk is a two-­‐hour walk designed to understand the sacredness of water in Rajasthani culture and the wisdom of our ancestors. It uncovers the stories hidden in the majestic forts of Nahargarh and Amber-­-­Stories of water, stories of people and stories of life as it evolved in the desert.

Meeting Point

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort Water Harvesting System

  • Built in 1734 during the reign of Sawai Jai Singh (1698-1740) to protect Jaipur City, the extensive water system of Nahargarh is one of the most significant features of the fort. The catchment area of water for Nahargarh, extending to about six kilometers in the surrounding forest, is a network of five catchments connected through a series of drains, aqueducts and canals. Two stepwells and a small tank collect water to last for up to two years. 

    The Walk will flow as the water flows. We will first enter the forest to see 300 years old channels designed to capture rainwater and convey to the fort. Here we will also see ancient roman aqueducts highlighting the seamless flow of technologies via mughals to India and vice-versa. We will then move inside the fort to learn about how water is conveyed and stored inside the Fort. The walk will focus on different design elements, sophistication and cultural elements of ancient Jaipur and Rajasthan.


  • Walk duration: 2 hours

  • Nahargarh Water walk is open from 6 am-­‐5pm throughout the year

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