Start your awesome holiday planning with the best trip planning tool which helps your vacation planning a breeze.

Start your trip planning with the easy to use trip planner tool

A dream vacation is well done if planned well. To plan a trip well in today's world which is overdosed with the digital information one needs a simple itinerary planner and here with this tool, you can plan and share your travel plans with your friends and family. Theindiantrip enables with its itinerary building tool a smooth trip planning exercise.

Our travel planner is made and kept so simple that you can do your own research at your own pace plan trip itinerary on the go. The biggest challenge we have observed with the traveller is they want to enter information by themself and our itinerary planner enables that.

You can simply create an itinerary based on the number of days you are staying, keep adding your notes for the day, add your choice of points of interest places day wise and create your own custom itinerary in minutes. If your trip includes a road trip or travel by air this trip planning tool takes care of all. Easy use to an itinerary builder helps not only to the generated itinerary but also you can share your master itinerary with friends and you co-create your travel itineraries.

Once you enable sharing option a confirmation email will be sent to the receiver with travel information and they can either your travel details or can edit also your plan. The view of your trip planning comes with a very beautiful and simple to use itinerary templates. Your trip including travel to places by train, flight, walk or car select based on your preference on the particular day what and how you want to travel.

Share your itinerary on your social media and ask your friends for hidden gems if they want to suggest and add easily to your planner. Our itinerary planning PWA mobile app-enabled you to access your trip plan anywhere access be it laptop or mobile, plan easily access seamlessly.

Best features of trip planning
  • Easy to use and edit on Mobile device or laptop
  • Save as you write or edit on a real-time basis. No need to write full itinerary at one go. Keep editing at your flexibility and this will autosave your work
  • Share with your loved your travel plans, you can enable view or edit rights
  • Co-create, give them access and they can also edit help you plan your best trip ever
  • Put your information as in text and no need complex dropdown
  • Pre curated activities for your destination to explore

An important part of the trip planning exercise is to have well researched and pre-defined things to do explore. Our trip planning tool comes handy with a pre-selected range of curated range of Indian experiences. You can not only view these experiential tours but also you can book it as well. These tour options are curated by our team and provided by local experts who are taking proud of showcasing their destination. These hidden gems are ready for you to explore, you can also rate and review and let your fellow traveler knows your opinion.

The best feature of this trip planner tool is you can keep your itinerary private or public. If you feel sharing with your friends will help them save time if they use your travel plan. And you can also make your traveled itinerary public for some else to use, let them use and customize over your itinerary. You can also upload photos of the trip and let other users see and rate your itinerary. If your plan is used and rated well by others you gain points and can become an influencer in this community.

Your planned itinerary will be visually available to see on Map as well. Visualize your journey and keep editing to make it as comfortable and best you want. The distance between cities gets calculated automated. You can take our expert help if you need any assistance with your trip planning. If you need assistance to book any travel service our authorized travel partner will help you get the best deals on tour package, hotels, excursions or transfer services.

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