Sufi Walk In Mehrauli Village

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Mehrauli or Meher- wali (the blessed one) village and the development around it is representative of the living Sufi traditions that originated here. Be it the famous 13th-century dargah of Qutubuddin Bhakhtiar Kaki, Hauz-e-Shamsi (Water reservoir) about which the Slave ruler Iltutmish had a Dream, Hijron Ka khanqah (eunuch’s burial ground), Phool walon ki Sair an age old tradition started by the Mughals, Zafar Mahal (of the last Mughal), Adham Khan’s tomb , the famous Stepwell Gandhak Ki baoli, and the Yogmaya temple, all speak about the dim and distant past of Dilli. This village is a complete storehouse of tales on the Sufis and their contributions in building the “Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb” in northern India.

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