Thalassery Knowledge Guide


Thalassery was a trade hub where Dutch, British, Portuguese Chinese, Arab, and Jewish traders had considerable influence in the spice market. The British established a trading post and built a factory at Tellicherry in 1694, having gained permission from Vadakkalankur, the prince regent of the Raja of Kolatunad. They had already been trading on the Malabar coast for much of that century, buying pepper from merchants, and had established a similar post at Travancore ten years earlier. After the annexation of Malabar, the British called upon Thalassery, the Royal families and other major Nair and Namboothiri feudal lords to return, but this was heavily opposed by some local rulers. Along with heavy taxation and laws that curbed free movement, the appeal resulted in multiple uprisings against the British with heavy casualties to British forces. Thousands of soldiers were killed, but the resistance was eventually defeated. The British, Dutch and the Portuguese and Christian Missionaries contributed a lot into the field of education, sports, culture and many development of this region.


The British had considerable impact on local culture. As an ancient trade center, the trading and business relations that existed with the Europeans and the Arabs brought people and ideas from many other lands. The Christian missionaries and the educational reforms they brought played an important role in transforming society. The Government of Kerala has included Thalassery in its heritage city project. The project includes the preservation of historical structures. Thalassery is called as the city of three Cs-Cake, Cricket and Circus as the first bakery in Kerala was established in the town, cricket was first played in India here. Thalassery biryani is popular as an ethnic brand. Thalassery Cuisine is popular around the world as a blend of Arabian, Persian, Indian and European styles of cooking. Painting and sculpture exhibitions are frequently held at the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi art gallery in the town.


The Thalassery carnival, the Beach fest in Muzhappilangad beach and Dharmadam beach are notable attractions. The area's four rivers (Anjarakkandi, Dharmadam, Koduvally and Mahe) around Thalassery town and four beaches (Muzhappilangad, Dharmadam, Thalassery (2 beaches)) with more in Kannur also attract visitors. Muzhappilangad beach is a 5.5 km long beach in which it is possible to drive vehicles. This beach was listed as one of the top 10 drive in beaches in the world by BBC survey. It is an important center of Kalari payattu and health tourism. Other visitors come to experience Theyyam and explore the area's history, such as Tellicherry Fort. Thalassery Pier (Kadalpaalam), Overbury's Folly, Pazhassi Dam and Reservoir garden and Malayala Kala Gramam, New Mahe,(7 km from Thalassery) are other attractionsA shipwreck is visible near the Thalassery shore.