Solapur Knowledge Guide



Solapur is a city with tri-linguistic and multi-cultural features. Solapur has a mixture of Telugu, Marathi and Kannada culture. The festival of Makara Sankranti is one of the largest festivals celebrated by the people of Solapur. Gadda yatra is another important part of this festival. It is a fair which is organized on the Hom Maidan ground annually in the month of January. Along with Makar Sankranti, people also celebrate chatrapati Shivaji maharaj Jayanti, Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Gudipadwa, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi and some more. Ramadan is also a big religious event celebrated by the Muslim community of Solapur. People also celebrate National festivals. Navratri is another festival celebrated in Solapur at Rupabhawani temple located at Tuljapur road. People visit the temple to worship Goddess Rupabhawani for nine days in Navratri. This festival is the biggest festival in central maharashtra. decorations of the 'Pendals' is eye catching during Navratri festival.