Saharsa Knowledge Guide


Saharsa is part of the Mithila region, which first gained prominence after settlement by Indo-Aryan tribes that established the Mithila Kingdom (also known as the Kingdom of the Videhas). During the late Vedic period (c. 1100–500 BCE), Videhas developed as one of the major political and cultural centres of South Asia, along with Kuru and Pañcāla. The kings of the Videhas Kingdom were referred to as Janakas.The Videha Kingdom was later incorporated into the Vajji confederacy, which had its capital in the city Vaishali, which is also located in Mithila.In the 20th century, Saharsa district was part of the Munger and Bhagalpur districts. On 1 April 1954 it was made a district of its own. It was also made the headquarters of Kosi division composed of Saharsa, Purnia and Katihar district, with its headquarters at Saharsa, on 2 October 1972. A new Civil Sub-Division Birpur consisting of 24 development blocks, including Raghopur, Chhatapur, Basantpur and Nirmali, which were previously under Supaul subdivision of the district, was created on 1 December 1972. Two new districts, Madhepura and Supaul, were formed from Saharsa district on 30 April 1981 and 1991. Saharsa district now consists of two subdivisions; Saharsa Sadar and Simri Bakhtiarpur. The district consists of 10 development blocks and anchals each.