Neemuch Knowledge Guide


The city was the location of a palace in the district of the Ajmer. Originally a part of the territory of Malwa, it was given to the Rana in 1768 to pay off debts incurred by the Rana (king) of Mewar. After that it became a British cantonment of the Gwalior princely state, except for short periods in 1794 and 1844 and 1965. The Neemuch cantonment played a significant role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and was the centre of disturbances in Malwa. In 1857, Neemuch was the most southerly place to which the rebellion extended. A brigade of native Bengal troops were stationed at Neemuch, then mutinied and marched to Delhi. European officers took refuge in the fort, and were later besieged by a rebel force from Mandasor. The Europeans defended the city until relieved by the Malwa field force. Since 1895 Neemuch has been the headquarters of the political agent in Malwa, a subdivision of the British Central India Agency. Neemuch was also the station for the following Indian Army Regiments: Bombay Army - 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry Bombay Army - 3rd Bombay Light Cavalry (Lancers) Bombay Army - 23rd Bombay Native Light Infantry Bengal Army - 37th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry Bengal Army - 49th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry Bengal Army - 72nd Regiment of Bengal Native InfantryNeemuch was also the station of the 26th and 48th field artillery batteries of the British in India.



Neemuch is an important broad gauge railway station of Ajmer — Ratlam route. Neemuch railway station was constructed by British in 1880. It has direct links to Ratlam, Ujjain via Nagda and Kota and Bundi in Rajasthan via Chittorgarh. It is about 140 km from Ratlam and 60 km from Chittorgarh by rail and road. A demand for a separate rail line from Neemuch via Jawad, Singoli (two Tehsil headquarters) to Kota has been raised by its people and representatives that will reduce the distance between Neemuch and Kota by about 40 km and a survey was also been passed by former Rail Minister Mallikarjun Kharge in his interim rail budget in 2014.


Neemuch has a network of district roads and National Highway 79 connecting with other cities of this district, Madhya Pradesh state and neighbouring Rajasthan state. NH 79 links it to Ajmer, Chittor and Ratlam of MP. The state highway connects the city with Udaipur in Rajasthan via Chhoti Sadri. Except for the national highway, district roads going to Singoli and Manasa are maintained by state PWD where as the city roads are maintained by the municipal council. The roads within the CRPF area are maintained by the central government. This city has one bus stand.


An airstrip also exists on the south of the railway line near Jaisinghpura village.Operating agency Indian Air Force. An air taxi service is introduced by Madhya Pradesh Tourism (with Ventura AirConnect) which provides air connectivity with Neemuch on requirement.