Manmad Knowledge Guide



Gurudwara is the major attraction of the place that catches the attention of travellers and makes people spellbound. The beauty of the Gurudwara is so amazing that people love to spend hours and hours in peace and calmness. One more place you must visit is Nageshwar Temple, Nagapur (4 km (2.5 mi) from Manmad, easterly along Nandgaon road), the place as the image of the deity is quite beautiful.The Ankai Fort and Tankai Fort (900 ft (270 m) tall and situated at a height of 961 m (3,153 ft) above sea level) of Satpuda/Chandwad range are situated about 8 km south of Manmad, perfect example of mesas and buttes form of dissected plateau. There is Agastya Rishi temple located nearby. There is Waghdardi Dam near City to address water demand of the city. "Hadbi chi Shendi" the place that holds the attention of travellers. This peak looks like a thumbs up sign and is 150 ft (46 m) tall. The beauty of this peak catches the attention of travellers. Near by manmad shingave is a small town in December on God Datta's birth anniversary there is big Jatra.