Malvan Knowledge Guide



'Malvani' dialect: Malvan has its unique culture signified by its peculiar dialect and food. Malvan lends its name to 'Malvani' dialect (A Konkani dialect or sometimes referred as a mix of Marathi and Konkani). This dialect is very popular among local population in Sindhudurg district and also parts of Ratnagiri and Northern Goa parts. Cuisine - The cuisine of this region is popularly known as Malvani cuisine. Coconut, rice and fish assume prime significance in the Malavani cuisine. Dashavataar (In Devnagari: दशावतार)- It is an art form popular in most of the Konkan region in Maharashtra and more so in and around Malvan. It is a play that depicts the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu (as in Hindu mythalogy).This continues till wee hours of morning. Dashavataar, mainly conducted at the time of "Saptah" which is the mahapuja of Gram Devta. During this all villagers also sale their home made products like Khaja, Kadak Ladu (popularly known as "Khatkhate Ladu"), Lonache - लोणचें (Pickles), and others. This utsav is the main Parvany (Event) for the villagers. At this very important event, all Chakarmani (A term used for a large number of salaried class people from Konkan who migrated to cities like Mumbai, Pune for livelihood) visit their homes and enjoy the regional sweets (Khaja). Barrister Nath Pai Sevangan: Barrister Nath Pai Sevangan is named after the famous freedom fighter and legislator from Maharashtra - Barrister Nath Pai. It is in Dhuriwada, Malwan near the sea shore. It undertakes humanitarian work and has huge enclosed community center in which many events take place. Pimpal (The peepal tree): Pimpal is a peepal tree (Sacred fig) in the heart of the town. So, the city has been named after it. On one side of this tree is a road leading to the municipal corporation, on the other side there is Topiwala High School and a government health clinic. Pimpal is considered sacred and holy and has been in Malvan for as many as 60 years.The tree is also known by the name of 'PHOVAKANDA PIMPAL' by the local population wherein bhokta means people without work. It is a place for tea time discussions for the local people.Malvan Schramik Maachimar Sangh: The traditional fish-worker union in Malvan, registered in 1987, has small-scale fishermen as members. Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, the conference on Marathi Literature were held once in Malvan city. It was presided by President of the Conference Atmaram Ravaji Deshpande alias Kavi Anil in 1958.Rock garden is famous in malvan