Kailashahar Knowledge Guide


Kailashahar was the ancient capital of the Tripuri kingdom. Its history is associated with Unakoti, noted for its 7th - 9th century AD stone and rock cut images. A Shiva disciple who started the Tripurabda (Tripuri Calendar), prayed for Lord Shiva in Chhambulnagar village on the banks of the Mau river. It is speculated that Chhambulnagar, which is mentioned in Rajmala, was situated near Unakoti Hill. The Prince prayed for Mahadeva in Unakoti. Kailashahar may be the legendary Chhambulnagar. Some believers thought that Har (Shiva) resides in Kailash. Therefore, the place was known as Kailash Har which was later on transformed to Kailashahar. Tripura king Adi-Dharmapha ruled there in the 7th century. He performed a yagna with pomp and gaiety..


Kailasahar is not a prosperous area. It is mainly populated by Bengalis, Meitei Manipuri, Darlong, Muslims and Bishnupriya Manipuris, bishnupuriya.