Haldia Knowledge Guide




Haldia is connected to Kolkata by bus. Recent efforts have seen introduction of new air-conditioned buses which takes less than three hours from the place to Kolkata.. Haldia is also connected to Kharagpur by bus.


Haldia railway station is the major railway station connecting the city to Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. For long distance trains except one or two weekly for delhi and chennai you have to go to either Mecheda or kolkata or kharagpur.


Haldia is also connected via the 1620 km long inland waterway, National Waterway 1 that runs from Prayagraj across Ganges, Bhagirathi and Hooghly river system to Haldia (Sagar). A catamaran service used to operate from Kolkata to Haldia, but was withdrawn due to its high price and unpopularity among tourists.