Chiplun Knowledge Guide


Chiplun was believed to have the first home of the Konkanasth or Chitpavan Brahmans. According to local folklore, after claiming Konkan region from aggressive sea, people were supplied with sixty ponds and sixty gardens by Parashuram. Chiplun was initially ruled by the Satavahanas, Shakas, Kshatrapas, Kalachuris and Rashtrakutas. Later it was invaded by the Kadambas & Traikutas followed by the Delhi Sultanate, Marathas and Peshwas majorly. In the seventeenth century it was a great village, very populous and plentifully stored with all provisions. The nearby Gowalkot was the trade center being the major harbour over Vashishthi River. The Paag area in town was named so because it was mainly used for war horse stables. The central area in Chiplun, called Markandi, is believed to have taken name from the Yadnya performed there by Maharshi Markandeya. In the recent history, when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took over Konkan and established his rein, he won the Gowalkot fort in 1660 and renamed it as Govindagad. During the times of Maratha Empire Chiplun was halting place when travelling towards upper ghat regions of Satara. Shivaji Maharaj came to Gowalkoat fort in Chiplun to take an update of his Arm forces before going for his coronation at Raigad. Chiplun was taken over later on by means of fort battles including Sambhaji Maharaj, Tulaj Angre, Chimaji Appa, and Siddi Sat, before taken up by a body of Ramoshis in 1818, but abandoned on the approach of British forces. During this time Bajirao Peshwa, who for some years (1812-1815) came down the Kumbharli pass to visit his palace at Guhagar near Dabhol, built a rest house for himself which is now used as a Government office.



Chiplun is connected to other parts of the country mainly by National Highway 66 (NH-66). Chiplun is connected by road to Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Ratnagiri, Mangalore, Karwar, Udupi and Cochin by National Highway Number 17 (NH-17). The Konkan railway also connects to these places by train along with Delhi and Jaipur. Roads in Chiplun city as well as in many villages is at par above average compared to road conditions in Mumbai. It is also connected to Koynanagar, Patan, and Karad by SH 78. There are several district roads which connect villages to district headquarters and Chiplun town. There are two MSRTC bus stations. One is the main bus station frequently called "Khalcha" bus stand, and the other is just 2 km ahead of Main bus station called Shivaji Nagar Bus Stand. Although there are lots of MSRTC intercity bus services, there are few private tourists buses such as Ghatge Patil, Sairatna, Ashwini etc. bus services which ply towards Mumbai & Pune. Even Volvo bus are available to come Chiplun from Mumbai.( Neeta, Purple)


Chiplun railway station is one of the most important stations on the Konkan Railway. The nearest railway junctions are Panvel, Pune and Kolhapur on the central railway. The Chiplun railway station is situated at a distance of 4 km from Chiplun city on NH-17. Nearly every train running on Konkan Railway stops at Chiplun Station. Most frequently used trains to reach Chiplun from Mumbai are 10111 – Mumbai Madgaon Konkankannya Express, 11003 – Dadar Sawantwadi Express, 10103 – Mumbai Madgaon Mandovi Express, 12051 – Mumbai Madgaon Janshatabdi Express, 16345 – Mumbai Trivandrum Netravati Express, 12619 – Mumbai Mangalore Matsyagandha Express & 12201 – Mumbai Kochuveli Garibrath Express. All the trains on this route runs have two time tables – a monsoon time table (usually running from 1 June to 31 October), where trains usually run at a reduced speed, and a regular timetable when trains usually run at normal speed 110 kmph for express and 130 kmph for Rajdhani. The fastest train on this route is 12431 – Hazrat Nizamuddin Trivandrum Rajdhani Express and the second fastest train to ply Madgaon is 12051 – Mumbai CST Madgaon Kokankannya Express which takes hardly 8 hours to reach Goa with two classes of journey. One is 2S commonly known as Second Seating with a fare about Rs. 200/- whereas second is CC commonly known as AC Chair Car with a fare of around Rs. 800/-.