Beawar Knowledge Guide


Beawar was founded by Colonel Charles George Dixon (1795-1857) in 1836. Beawar was part of British India, and the administrative headquarters of Merwara district. Since the ancient days, the region where Beawar lies is called Magra-Merwaran, and it was named after a local village called Beawar Khas by the British. This region was ruled by fierce trib zeees(british used to call Rajputs as tribes rather than a caste.)such as the Chauhan Rajput (the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan) the British tried to subdue them but were unsuccessful because the people were scattered across many small villages and Chauhan ruled through Shyamgarh Fort and they were excellent in conducting war. The Battle of Shyamgarh was fought between the Chauhan Rajputs and the British. The British won and Chauhans abandoned the fort of Shyamgarh, but employed guerrilla tactics causing great loss to the British. Consequently, the British founded a military cantonment with fortified walls for protection and further military missions. Another factor involved in building the cantonment here was Beawar's location at the strategic tri-junction of the royal states of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur and near to the royal state of ((Ajmer)). Beawar the name of the city comes from the name "Be Aware" which was originally a sign given to the city by a British Emperor. Chauhan Rajput, the great warriors known for their courage was a major problem to the British Empire, so they decided to form a cantonment and hence Beawar as Nayashahar came into existence. Beawar is the birthplace of world famous classical mathematician, Duncan Sommerville.


Veer Tejaji maharaj Beawar Fair is one of major fairs of town. Locals of Beawar gather to celebrate Baadshah, which means "King". The Baadshah travels across the town to reach the Mayor's office, spraying colour all over the town in celebration of Holi, the festival of colours. It is celebrated in memory of the one-day king "Agarwal". "Baadshah" is decorated in traditional style and travels up to the magistrate office, where it plays and gives its resolutions for the public. In front of it, another person, Birbal, dances in his special style. On the day of "Baadshah", there are performances by local people in "Teliwara" as well as near the Suraj Pol gate. Annually, the city also celebrates Dushera by burning an effigy of Ravana on the eve of Dushera.