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Welcome to Mumbai! Also known as 'The City of Dreams'. Touring in Mumbai is an incredible experience as you move through its lanes exploring iconic landmarks and monuments. In this tour, I take through the most prominent parts of the city as we get up close and personal with Mumbai's most famous spots!

Whether it is the majestic Gateway of India or the ever-crowded Girgaum Chowpatty beach, you will truly feel like a Mumbaikar tagging along with a friend like me! But what makes this tour tick is our exploration of mouthwatering Mumbai street food.

From Pav Bhaji to Vadapav, the food of Mumbai awaits to ravage your tastebuds. Get to explore the gems of South Mumbai and savor such delicious street food as you many profound memories all day long. This combination of a part walking tour and a street food tour is the best that you can get!

Meeting Point

Churchgate Station

About Mumbai Food Tour

  • Whether you are on a day tour or a night walk, Mumbai is always full of life! From landmarks to cultural spots to the best food spots, you can never get enough out of the diversity this city has to offer.
  • You start your tour at Churchgate Station, from here our we reach the magnificent archway-type monument known as the Gateway of India! Build-in 1913 to commemorate the visit of King-Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary. Its gothic-style architecture is bound to enchant you in many ways! Since it is the symbol of the city's identity, you might as well click a picture with it!
  • If you look just in its vicinity, you find an exceptionally built structure that altogether alleviates the entire landscape of Colaba. This is the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel that is ironically our next stop. A luxury hotel, it has been a constant muse of photographers for their exceptional portraits.
  • After admiring its beauty, we further move on to do some shopping! We arrive at the Colaba Causeway, where countless establishments thrive to offer retail products. It is a paradise for women as they can shop for cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, accessories and much more! It is also the hotspot for various cafes, road-side restaurants such as Leopold Cafe, Cafe Mondegar, Barista, and Cafe Churchill.
  • When you have filled your bags with enough accessories and souvenirs, let's move forward to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. Though one of the most significant railway stations of Mumbai, it the mind-blogging architecture that's worth noting. And guess what? It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you wouldn't miss clicking some pictures, would you?
  • Now that we have to move further, let's take a shortcut from the legendary Azad Maidan! A significant landmark during Indian Independence, it the hotbed where future cricket stars are born! Surely, you would find dozens of pitches around you where children in white jerseys try to chisel their cricket skills. Fun fact: Sachin Tendulkar practiced right here during his young days!
  • After crossing Azad Maidan, now its time to explore the ancient sacred temple of Walkeshwar. Built during the 12th century, this religious place is crowded at all times! Dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva, it has a water tank within its complex known as Banganga. Don't miss out on little children bathing in the tank. You could chat up with the locals and discover more stories about the temple's origin.
  • Now that the first half of the is over, let us begin with the second half which is an exclusive culinary tour! You are about to experience the exquisite palette of Mumbai's favorite street food dishes! All you have to do is tag along to the famous Girgaum Chowpatty!
  • Once we get there, don't worry much about the crowds, since the beach is large enough to accommodate thousands of people. Without wasting time, we will start exploring the various stalls lined up along the beach. Let's start with the popular Bhelpuri. It is a sweet-spicy assortment of puffed up rice with dry fruits, condiments and tamarind chutney that would make your taste buds jump in joy. We later try some relishing Panipuri! Spicy or too sweet? The choice is yours to make!
  • There is too much space left in your tummy! Why not grab a plate of Mumbai's most famous Pav Bhaji. This mashed vegetable curry served with butter melts right in your mouth while you savor it with flatbread. From Dahi puri to Vada Pav or Masala Dosa, the options are seemingly endless folks!
  • Now that you have had all you could, how about some dessert! There is always some room for ice cream right? Enjoy Kulfi, hand-churned ice cream made of condensed milk and dry fruits! Your very own paradise exploding right away in your mouth! Too cold? You could instead try some Jalebi. Sweet-tooth foodies would love this to the hilt! Crispy hot jalebi dipped in sugar syrup and your journey through Mumbai ends on a sweeter note!

Mumbai Food Tour Plan and Itinerary

  • Meet at the Churchgate Station
  • Visit the iconic Gateway of India
  • Proceed to check out the Taj Palace Hotel
  • Roam around and shop at the Colaba Causeway
  • Click some pictures outside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
  • Witness the place of history, the elegant Azad Maidan
  • Sit facing the sea on the pavement of Marine Drive
  • See the historic Banganga and Walkeshwar Temple
  • End your day with a trip to Girgaum Beach.
  • Enjoy the sunset along with some delicious street food of Mumbai. Have Bhelpuri or a Pav Bhaji along with some Kulfi or Jalebi, the choice is yours and the options are endless!

What does this tour include?

  • Indian Street Food tour is included
  • Water bottles will be provided
  • All the transportation costs will be included

What are the tour exclusions?

  • Personal expenses

Things To Note

  • Wear sports shoes
  • Carry Water bottle
  • Keep an Umbrella if it rains
  • A Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Wear comfortable clothes
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