2020 Holi in Mumbai - Celebrate with kids of Dharavi Slums

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Join us to celebrate Holi in Mumbai's Dharavi - the largest slums

of Asia.

Holi is one of the most popular festival across the world. The scale of this festival which is celebrated with colours, is so huge that it dwarfs the scale of Tomatino Festival of Spain. Holi in Mumbai and rest of India takes place around the month of February and March with certain fixed dates.

Typically Holi celebrations and parties in Mumbai revolve around Food and Drink, Pool Party, Live music, Rain Dance, Live Performances etc.

However, we have launched a unique version of Holi Celebrations. In this style, you get a chance to celebrate Holi with the kids of largest slums of Asia -Dharavi. This is vey different than any other holi events in Mumbai.

Spend this colourful day celebrating with lesser privileged class of the society, take some time out to learn about the Dharavi and its people with our signature Dharavi tour. Post Dharavi Tour, we regroup with the kids and other people of this community at a nearby girls' football Field to being the Holi Festivities. Children from educational programme and other staff would also join this festivity to play holi.

Safety: While Holi can be a rowdy festival, we are taking precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Safety is our number one priority. We have been running tours in Dharavi on and around Holi for years and have never had an incident. This tour would be accompanied by an extra guide. The Colors

would be played on a private field which is surrounded by authorised friends and personnels of this community. We will only use dry organic colors for this event.

Meeting Point

Churchgate Station or Mahim Station


Take a trip to Plastic recycling factory

Metal and plastic from all over the world are sourced into Dharavi for the propose of recycling. The guide will take you these small factories and help you understand the entire recycling process from sorting to the finished plastic pellets.

Visit the Rooftop for a panoramic view

There is nothing like the view from a Dharavi factory rooftop. The tin hutments that house so many human lives stretch on as far as you can see. This view will be etched in your memories.

Visit the Community Centre

This is where you will meet men, women and children from various facets of Dharavi. The community centre funds the education to children, grants soft skills to the young and adults.

Holi Party at Community Centre

After the tour, join our friends and partners from the community, children in our various programs as well as staff for a music and colour filled Holi party. All have gathered for celebrating the festival. Rest assured that we will be using safe, all-natural Holi powders.




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There are going to be 2 meeting points. Clients can choose to join any one of them based on their convenience.

Churchgate Station or Mahim Station

There are four entrances to Churchgate Station, including two subways. Once inside the station, go to the book stall about 30 metres before the platforms (as shown in the next two photos). Look for the sign saying “Wheeler.”

Mahim Station:

We meet at the main entrance and ticket office on the West side of the station (photo 1). To check if you are in the right spot, verify that V-Jai Restaurant and Bakery is opposite and Cafe Coffee Day is diagonally opposite.

End Point

Our Community Centre. We will help you catch a cab post the celebrations.


1. What should I wear for Holi Festival celebrations

ANS: This festival is played with colors. Wear clothes which can

be discarded post the event. Wear full length clothes to avoid heat stroke.

2.Is this tour safe for the girls to attend?

ANS: Yes! The tour is conducted by a group of local experts who

have been conducting this since years. The participants of this tour are

carefully chose and strict measures are taken in terms of attendees and even

the quality of colour used.

3. Are kids allowed to attend Holi Festival

ANS: Yes. The festival would be conducted in the school premises where kids from the school would be a part of this trip. Kids from any part of the society are welcome to join this tour.

3. Would there be a pick and drop

ANS: No. We request all clients to reach the designated spot from the tour starts. Its mentioned in the details of the itinerary.

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