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11th Nov 19
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Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Dating back to the17th century, Kathakali is the paragon of Kerala’s aesthetic culture. An ancient dance form acting as the embodiment of theatre, music, and mime, it originated in the kingdom of Kottayam in present-day Kerala.

According to the legend, the Zamorin of Calicut refused to present the elaborate dance form of Krishnattam to the king of Kottayam, Kottayathu Thampuran. Ramnattam based on the epic of Ramayana was created by Kottayathu to compete with it. Where Krishnanattam was only restricted to higher castes and royal family to enjoy, Ramanattam was also available for the common masses and thus became more popular. With time, Ramanattam was later renamed Kathakali incorporating other tales and legends as well. It portrays a diversity of human emotions through expressive storytelling. Under the guise of elaborate makeup, colorful costume and jewelry, Kathakali along with being an artform, revitalizes the body and mind with gestures and poses equivalent to practicing yoga. Kathakali is a must-witness spectacle if you are visiting India, which not only depicts the rich cultural elements but also imparts knowledge of robust gestures and refreshing body movements based on ancient scientific philosophies.

Let us understand the 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss experiencing Kathakali -

1. One of the many enigmatic dance forms of India

Kathakali Performance

You might know about hip-hop, salsa and even the beauty of ballet but Kathakali is a gem in the wide array of classical dance forms of India. Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Mohiniyattam and many more decorate the landscape of the ancient dance culture of India. Kathakali plays a vital role in upholding the traditional standards of legendary dance forms.

2. The Microcosm of Theatre, Music, and Science

Kathakali Dance Posture

Through its elaborate bodily movements and expressions, Kathakali incorporates major elements of theatre, dance, music, histrionics, literature, painting, and sculpture. The dance is performed with the perfect symphony of music where its footwork and postures are based on scientific aspects related to staying healthy.

3. Breathtaking costumes and makeup to enchant you all the way

Kathakali Dance Makeup

Costumes are important for all performative art forms. Kathakali is performed with colorfully vibrant attire which stands out in the darkly lit stage along with detailed makeup made from natural ingredients like rice flour and lime paste. They help to bring out the fine expressions and dramatic factors of the play

4. Kathakali helps you learn about the culture

Kathakali Dancer Character

What a way to get acquainted with a country’s culture through dance! Kathakali brings you face to face with various Indian epics, tales, and legends portraying a wide array of traditional cultural aspects of India, its literature, music and much more. From Ramayana to various folklores of mythology, you could witness the enactment right in front of eyes.

5. Gifts you inner peace and tranquility

Kathakali Makeup

When it comes to learning art, you need to give in all your attention and practice discipline. If you choose to practice Kathakali it will along with helping you to control your emotions and gestures, calm you to your very core. You would invest yourself in this enigmatic art and get rid of all your stress and tension even if you just watch it.

6. Kathakali increases confidence

Kathakali Kerala Dance Artist With Makeup

The expressive dance form of Kathakali teaches you incredible body movements that decorate your bodily coordination and adds grace in your walk. You would feel more confident about your posture than before

7. It helps you gain more energy and keep you healthy

Kathakali Artist With Makeup

Why hit the gym when you can stay fit by practicing Kathakali. This dance involves detailed hand gestures, facial expressions, and body movements which not only makes you look young and energetic but also optimizes your health while keeping it fun.

Along with other enchanting elements such as the cuisine and the lush landscape, Kathakali truly stands out as one of the major attractions drawing towards the 'God's Own Country' - Kerala.

To experience and relive the fascinating performances of Kathakali along with the incredible sights of Kerala, click here.

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