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7th Mar 20
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Whether this your 5th trip to India or for the first time, you can discover something new every single time. Seeking a new high, you will always find one, such as the dynamism of its culture shock. The roads lined with cannabis indica in the North, the lush greenery of the South, the palm-fringed beaches in the West, and the quintessential mystery of the East- the bounties are endless. From big cities to quaint small towns you sill start a new journey through each part of India.

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Here is a simple guide on what to expect when traveling to India.

The enticements’ of an Indian Holiday - Highlights of a trip to India

South India

South India Sunset What To Expect When Traveling To India

  • Having said that, let’s come to terms with the more aesthetic realities that are so much a part of traveling in India. Come to God’s own country in the South, that’s Kerala for you. And it’s not a bit of exaggeration. The divine assertion that you see here in the domes, minarets, and spires that show a clear intermingling of faiths.

Tea Plantations South India What To Expect When Traveling To India

The phrase also applies to the natural splendor on which you can feast your eyes. It sounds so much sincere and precise when you see the lush greenery and the stunning landscape here. See it to believe it. The states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu provide equal opportunities for sightseeing and enjoy personal space.

  • Irrespective of which state you are in, the first signs that greet you down South is the aroma of freshly made filtered coffee finding its way through the lanes and by-lanes and right up your nostrils.

Idli South Indian Breakfast What To Expect While Traveling in India

  • There is no other way to start a good morning, isn’t it? The dosas and the idlis from each and every South Indian state are worthy to die for, and with every smooth bite, you keep on wondering how they make it so smooth. It sure is a difficult choice whether the Kapi is awesome or the dosa is wreaking havoc on your senses.

North India

Red Fort Delhi What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • If traveling to the North of India, be ready to visit the Golden Triangle circuit. It consists of the three big cities of New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You get to admire ancient structures, particularly those belonging to the Mughal period India. From the Taj Mahal to the Red Fort, these monuments take you back to the times when emperors ruled the Indian subcontinent.
  • If we are talking about emperors then why rule out the Maharajas? Valiantly perched forts like Mehrangarh in Jodhpur and quaint palaces like the Hawa Mahal are the show stealers of this region. Welcome to Rajasthan, the most famous destination when traveling to India.

Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • It’s not just the architecture that sets Rajasthan apart. The vibrant hues of this colorful state are like a beautiful canvas brought to life. The enigmatic dress code, the cuisine, its art, history, music, and dance is too mesmerizing an effect. No wonder, the annual fairs here draw many visitors from across the globe such as the Gangaur festival. Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer are some major cities have been on the top of your list.

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Himalayas North India What To Expect When Traveling To India

  • Wherever you travel in north India, you will see diverse topography and diverse weather conditions. The majestic** snow-capped Himalaya** up North, the vast Thar Desert to its west, enchanting Indo-Gangetic plains in entire Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The north of India even shares its borders with Nepal, China, and Pakistan. It boasts glaciers, dense sub-tropical forests, a large number of archaeological sites and wildlife reserves. Just like an artist’s palette, where the greens of the fields, the brown of the deserts, white of the mountains, and blues of the rivers add a rainbow of colors.

West India

Sun Temple Gujarat What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • The west of India is spruced up with temples, seashores, palm trees, and striking creations of dusk and dawn. This part of the country perfectly redefines the concept of tourism. The vibrant aura of Maharashtra and Gujrat enrich the unlimited options of traveling in India.

Ajanta Ellora Caves What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • The ancient Ajanta Ellora caves in Aurangabad are the pride of Maharashtra and the palm-fringed beaches of Goa are the glory of Western India. You can sail through the cool breeze of hill stations, explore historical monuments or simply go on a trail.

Gateway of India Mumbai What To Expect While Traveling To India

It is recommended to attend below 2 walking tours -

To read more about Other Mumbai Walking tours, click here. The advanced state of Gujrat is a land that boasts of its appealing handicrafts, fine textiles, lip-smacking cuisines, and colorful fairs and festivals. The Rann of Kutch, Bhuj, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar are important places of travel in Gujrat. You could even explore it all on a vintage tuk tuk.

East India

Darjeeling Himalayan Toy Train What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • For the avid traveler, Darjeeling in East of India is not a new name. For the tea-enthusiasts, Darjeeling is the best place to visit for the champagne among the teas. Enjoy the toy train for a scenic trip along the Himalayan foothills.

Sundarbans Deer What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • The Sundarbans in Bengal is perfect for nature lovers to experience the wonders of nature. Sundarban is a truly mysterious tourist destination because of its diverse flora and fauna and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Tiger India Wildlife

  • It is quite safe to enjoy jungle safari or navigate through a boat. You can even step back in time and embark on a tour to witness the historic remains of ancient education sites in Nalanda, Bihar.

Howrah Bridge Kolkata What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • A trip around Eastern India is not complete without a visit to the city of Joy - Kolkata. Formerly Calcutta, it is the cultural and economic capital and second-largest city in India. It is a perfect combination of modernity with its colonial past. Another must-see place in Kolkata is the Chowringhee Market, a bustling area packed with local eateries and shopping ware.

  • If experiencing the grand royalty interests you, then luxury trains in India might as well exceed your expectations. Trains such as the Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Royal Orient Train, and Fairy Queen Express are quite apt at showing you India in a royal way.

  • These elite luxury trains of India cater to tourists who wish to explore the rich cultural heritage of India in the lap of luxury. Their grandeur is evident from mind-boggling interiors, majestic ambiance, lavish gastronomical fare, stringent security arrangements and almost everything you can imagine. Know more about them here.

The Golden Chariot Express Luxury Train What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • Having said that, your travel to India has to be a uniquely satisfying experience. Don’t worry about the other details. Each and every query that you have in your mind is well addressed. As in all other countries, you have the benefits of insurance along with your travel. This is the part where you are assured that you are reimbursed, after proving a lot of facts about you actually being hurt or aggrieved in the journey. Forget all your worries and travel to India and enjoy each and every moment of your vacation in a carefree style.

Sim Card What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • Communication with your near and dear ones back home is easy when traveling to India. Of course, you will not get to lay your hands on a local sim card, but you can easily get access to an international sim. As soon as you land in India, for a longer duration of stay, get a sim for yourself. Know more about how to get a local sim card in India here.

  • If you are a foreigner traveling to India– you are the most popular figure now. You will be treated like a celebrity, with enthusiasts requesting selfies with you- it’s all done with love.

Let us guide you with some advisory too:

Carry Scarves in India

  • Always carry some scarves with you, the sun is harsh here. Yes, those scarves may also come handy in the religious places here so carry them with you wherever you travel within India. Religious place or no religious place, you have to observe a decent dress code here. t is the best thing to do to avoid unwanted attention. After all, one has to respect the culture of the land and Indian culture entails covering up decently. To know more about how to dress in India, click on the button below,

Transport in India

  • It is best to hire a tour guide if you are on your first trip to India. Since he/she may help you navigate routes and show you the best of your destinations. You should also be aware of how to get a train ticket, traveling by bus or train or even how to hire a cab in India. A tour guide or operator may thoroughly help you with the same. India is a country that largely operates in cash so make sure you have spare cash and change. It may come in handy since credit cards are not accepted everywhere in India. To know more click on the buttons below,

Street Food in India

  • Your love for the tasty and spicy Indian food will take you to every corner in Indian cities and metros. We know that you are not going to give up on those gastronomical delights of Indian street food. The reds, the greens and the yellow that abound everywhere entice you no end. If you are prone to giving in to temptations, then stock some medications too. This will keep you healthy while you continue with the eating spree without getting Delhi belly. Make sure you carry a proper water bottle with yours. Avoid drinking tap water that may result in water-borne diseases. Know more about how to avoid dysentry and find safe drinking water in India by clicking below

Best Time To Visit India

  • If you are keen on traveling to India, then choose the right season for your outings. The monsoon from season occurs between June to September, so select your timings accordingly. Come visiting if you love rain. If you are a mountain lover, then it** snows in December and January.** The Indian summers from April to June make you sweat till the last drop, especially in coastal cities. Your stock of scarves and hats will help you face the heat. The best time to visit India is always but you can *plan your trip between October and March. *
  • To know more about the best time to visit India, click on the button below*

Desert Rajasthan What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • When you are traveling to India, plan your journey well in advance. India is a dream destination for all those travelers who are out on a spiritually enriching journey. The food, the clothes, and the people are all colorful. It is difficult to erase the beauty of such a wonderfully painted canvas. The serene beaches, the wildlife, lush greenery, lovely food, friendly people, the vibrancy, and the attractions all beckon you.

Ladakh What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • India is a country that’s blessed with several dimensions to its enthralling and beautiful landscape. It’s a land like no other with a superabundance of fabulous places, amazing people and cultures. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is truly a heaven on Earth. Considered to be one of the top places to visit, Ladakh is not to be missed at any cost.

Goa What To Expect While Traveling To India

  • On the other hand, Goa is the epitome of tourism in India with the best beaches, food, and nightlife. When you think about traveling to India, you are assured of beautiful little villages, sandy beaches, snow-capped mountains, golden deserts, delicious food, and magical holiday experience.

To conclude

Children India

The most endearing quality about India is its people. Be assured that you will always meet over-friendly people. People will admire you and will go out of their way to help you. Traveling to India is like traveling to a different universe. India is a unique world in itself, even if you don’t go anywhere else, you have seen enough diversities here for the memories to last for a lifetime. You may keep coming back for the spiritual and satisfying experience that you get here- it will not be available anywhere else on this planet!

There you go! A simple guide for what to expect while traveling in India for a first time traveler!

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