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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Rann Utsav Festival In Kutch Gujarat

Deserts are great! Deserts are fascinating! You might be wondering to yourself ‘What can I find exactly in a desert other than sand and sun?’. How about a luxurious tent, an opportunity to go paragliding and a walk over the white-colored deserted landscape decorated with the sunset? The pearly lands of Kutch would spellbind you while making you feel as if you are on the moon. All of this could be at your disposal if you step across the magnificent panorama of the Rann of Kutch. This white salt desert brings out its only spectacular act once a year which is well known as the Great Rann Utsav.
22nd Jan 20
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9 Best Agra Walking Tours That You Should Experience While Exploring Agra

How would you like to stroll casually onto the streets that are lined with monuments of a bygone era? How happy would you be? If you get the opportunity to briskly saunter amidst the aroma of countless mouthwatering delicacies? Walking among a crowded street but your eyes focus on vibrant and colorful shops all around. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling? Here we are to truly give you the experiences we mentioned above by telling you about the elegant walks of the city of Taj - Agra. The city that hosts one of the seven wonders in the world known as the Taj Mahal. Agra is the epitome of relishing Gastronomy, Mughal history and a limitless heritage carried through generations. We have made sure to give you rightful glimpses of some of the most magnificent walking tours in one of the most fascinating cities in India.
13th Jan 20
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Top Shore Excursions of India Cruise Excursions India - Mumbai Cochin Goa

So you are going on a Cruise! Cruise ships are a great way to travel across the globe and explore the incredible port cities that make frequent stops on a long journey. You would have the time of your life while enjoying the lavish amenities onboard. But are you seriously just going to stay up sitting onboard your ship sipping drinks even after it isn’t going to depart for the whole day? We know the inner rogue traveler in you is not going to permit that. So what options do you have? The only thing you can do is go on a shore excursion. Shore excursions in India are a series of tours that include a visit to prominent places of the port city such as monuments, cultural centers like museums, shopping places, restaurants, and entertainment spots.
10th Jan 20
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7 Best Guided Jaipur Walking Tours You Must Give A Try

So you have roamed around the streets of New Delhi? You have admired the Taj Mahal in Agra to your heart’s content? So what’s next? Your next stop should be the iconic Pink City of Jaipur. Even though you are on your first trip to India, this is the right place to start from. Marvelous glimpses and royal in origin, a visit to Jaipur would be perfect for you to complete the spectacular golden triangle tourist circuit. But with a city full of regal landmarks, forts, palaces, and whatnot, it gets really difficult to decide what exactly to begin with. Therefore we have compiled this wholesome list to show you 9 best ways to explore Jaipur by walking tours. Whether it is the breathtaking Hawa Mahal or the scrumptious street delicacies like Pyaaz Kachori (Fried onion dumpling), there is only one failproof way to experience all of this. Take a guided walking tour of this walled city which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If it is your first trip to India and you don’t know where to go, especially while being in Jaipur, just follow this list and you will do great.
9th Jan 20
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Top Things To Do Around The Gateway Of India Mumbai - Best Places To Visit

If someone ever asks you, ‘How would you describe Mumbai in a few words?’ You definitely would struggle to incorporate all of its destinations in a couple of sentences, right? How about we make it easier for you? You could simply say, ‘Gateway of India!’ and why not? This iconic basalt-made landmark is the iconic symbol representing Mumbai everywhere across the globe. It is just not a stone arched gateway of sorts, it is indeed the welcoming abode for millions of people setting foot in the City of Dreams with a handful of dreams of their own. Just like the Statue of Liberty associates itself with the idea of hope for all coming to the United States, the Gateway of India gives hope and embraces the expecting hearts of millions and millions of people every day. There is much more to its dynamic stature and landscape.
16th Nov 19
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