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44 Top Street Food Places In Jaipur - Best Guide For The Foodie

Rajasthan’s capital, historical and intriguing Jaipur is home to India’s most splendid palaces. The city’s anarchic, fascinating streets tend to tell tales. Jaipur - The Pink City is of utmost magnificence and glory. It is a city of forts, shrines, history, tradition and every other minute detail that pops in your mind. Be it the hustle-bustle of the vehicles each day, the pace of its folks, the way things seem to work or be it anything, this city of color will not fail to surprise you. No matter what, the Pink City will not render you surprised. What is so different about Jaipur? What makes it stand out? Is it the culture or food or material things? Everything seems to play colorfully and make Jaipur protrude amongst the other beauties. Today, you’ll find out the best food joints around the nooks and corners of Jaipur pavement.
22nd Jan 20
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3 Days Jodhpur itinerary the best travel plan

The city of Jodhpur is also known as Sun City or The blue city is the second-largest city of Rajasthan. This city has immense offerings to travelers in the form of culture, history, cuisine, people and now for adventure lovers also. Jodhpur is a city established by Rule Rao Jodha in the year 1459. This city’s fort and palaces are still maintained so well as it looks like the Ruler is still living in this fort.
20th Jan 20
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Best India Travel itinerary & tips for the first-timer and backpacker

India is the only country in the world with a plethora of ethnic, religious, geographical and cultural diversity. You will hardly be able to come across a perfect backpacking itinerary. But this 7 Day India itinerary will surely make you get your bag and go on a vacation. Planning an itinerary especially for India is never easy, but we have made it easier for you right here!
11th Jan 20
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7 Best Guided Jaipur Walking Tours You Must Give A Try

So you have roamed around the streets of New Delhi? You have admired the Taj Mahal in Agra to your heart’s content? So what’s next? Your next stop should be the iconic Pink City of Jaipur. Even though you are on your first trip to India, this is the right place to start from. Marvelous glimpses and royal in origin, a visit to Jaipur would be perfect for you to complete the spectacular golden triangle tourist circuit. But with a city full of regal landmarks, forts, palaces, and whatnot, it gets really difficult to decide what exactly to begin with. Therefore we have compiled this wholesome list to show you 9 best ways to explore Jaipur by walking tours. Whether it is the breathtaking Hawa Mahal or the scrumptious street delicacies like Pyaaz Kachori (Fried onion dumpling), there is only one failproof way to experience all of this. Take a guided walking tour of this walled city which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If it is your first trip to India and you don’t know where to go, especially while being in Jaipur, just follow this list and you will do great.
9th Jan 20
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5 Important Ancient Sites In India Of The Mesolithic Age You Should Explore

India is a prominent hub of majestic monuments, relishing food and charming people. There is a truckload of things to explore in this country of more than one billion people. But what if you get the opportunity to come across sites that are lesser-known to the general population? What if there are a few places that would bring out the inner explorer in you? What if it is something related to bygone eras and civilization?
12th Nov 19
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Korta : The Leopard village experience and the hospitality of Korta Escapes

Nestled amidst the Aravali hills, and situated centrally between Udaipur and Jodhpur, This place is a beautiful amalgamation of wildlife, culture, history and archaeology where you can not only see but experience the everyday life of rural India. Jawai, a place at stone throw away from Korta, is called “The land of Leopards”, and rightly so, because here, the leopard sighting goes as high as 85%.The images followed in this article will compel you to think why this beauty isn’t on top of the world maps.
30th Oct 19
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7 Top Ancient Palaeolithic Sites and Settlements in India

Monuments, Gastronomy, and Diversity. What else is left to explore in this country of more than a billion people? The answer to this question would be the lesser-known and mind-boggling Palaeolithic sites in India. The study of human evolution and society is one of the most sought-after and intriguing topics one can come across. It helps us to understand the primal ways through which pre-evolved humans sustained their lives. Being home to countless dynasties before and after Vedic times, India has always been fortunate in terms of historical remains, artifacts, and monuments. With the popularity of Indus Valley Civilisation that draws millions of tourists and history fanatics to the Indian subcontinent, it is important to mention the long list of Palaeolithic sites gracing the landscape of this country.
18th Oct 19
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A Nomad’s journey of saving Raika Tribe and their camels of Rajasthan

In this week's featured story, meet Dee Ann Bauer! She is passionate about saving the culture and camels tribe Raika in Sadri, Rajasthan and is extending her journey to save camels in Jaisalmer. She believes in minimalism and is also called as "Reductionist". This recent empty-nester, mother of 3 young adults, shares how a vacation in Rajasthan 4 years ago, changed her so much that she dedicated her time to save the camels who were getting extinct due to diseases and less commercial use.
13th Oct 19
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5 Hidden and Lesser Known Archaeological Sites in India

India is home to hundreds of archaeological sites and monuments but numerous landmarks are either yet undiscovered or less known. According to the Archaeological Survey of India, many hidden and unexplored archaeological marvels grace the landscape of the Indian subcontinent. These intricate structures not only baffle historians and archaeologists but also reveal much more about the history and culture of ancient India. These awe-inspiring structures have started to gain prominence and make their way to become UNESCO World Heritage sites. This list explains the lesser-known archaeological sites in India and archaeological marvels in India.
12th Oct 19
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8 Archaeology Gems of India

Archaeology is one of the essential aspects of a country’s heritage and culture. It portrays the ancient remnants of the early settlements and dynasties that flourished in the particular regions. India is one of the few nations in the world that are blessed with rich and awe-inspiring archaeological sites. From temples, caves or ruined monuments, the landscape of India resembles a crown that is studded with prominent and unparalleled gems found nowhere else on the planet.
10th Oct 19
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