What Should Female Tourists Wear In India - A Simple Guide 0

8th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

It isn’t that India, one of the fasting growing economies in the world, has strict dress standards regarding the clothing of women. It is quite liberal and lenient. But as far as the fact goes that while visiting a new country, you should know how women dress there. It becomes one of your first few steps in embracing its culture and respecting its norms.

Still confused about what to wear in India? Here’s a simple guide to tell you all about it:

1. High temperatures mandate cotton fabrics

Maxi dress

While you explore the incredible sights of the country, the temperatures can get as high as 45-degree celsius, especially during the summer. Therefore it is essential to carry long, flowy dresses which give you enough ventilation to sustain in the scorching heat. Cotton dresses with bright colors combined with round hats and sunglasses will go a long way while you roam under the sun.

2. Clothes that cover the shoulders and are below knees

Indian Pashmina Scarf

This only validates if you are visiting the rural areas of the country. People are still significantly conservative in rural areas so it would be a wise choice to avoid clothing that shows too much skin. Say goodbye to strapless tops, spaghetti strap tops, short skirts, and crop tops. Get habitual with wearing long skirts, long pants or even jeans while exploring the rural regions. A scarf or a pashmina always comes in handy to cover yourself.

3. Urban areas are for you to go free and choose your clothing

Women Walking In Urban Outfit

Indian cities are fairly westernized which also reflects in the clothing of women there. Women wear jeans, t-shirts, tops, short skirts and much more and so can you. You don’t need to be bothered with the fuss of modest wardrobe. The same goes if you are planning to party on the beaches of Goa.

4. Wear Kurtis on your outings in India

Kurta Women Indian

You are visiting a temple or a village or anywhere in India, don’t forget to try the traditional Kurtis/ Kurta, long colorful cotton tunics worn over leggings. You can even opt for jeans instead of leggings according to your comfort.

5. Enjoy festivities in a Salwar Kameez or a Chudidaar

Shalwar Kameez

Whether you are lighting lanterns in Diwali or attending a local wedding, the best clothing you could choose is the Salwar Kameez. It involves a cuff bottomed pant worn with the garment quite similar to the kurta. A long fabric known as dupatta is used to draw around the neck. It can either be plain or patterned and comes in various forms and designs. Punjab suits, Anarkali suits, and Churidar are the prominent types of Salwar Kameez.

6. Go all traditional and don a saree

Women in saree

Other than the rural regions, Women in India don’t wear a saree all the time. It is usually adorned during festivities or special occasions such as weddings. A traditional long fabric, patterned fabric, is conventionally draped across the body. A blouse comes usually from the same fabric. Sarees come in various forms and designs as they have called differently in different regions of the country. You can don iconic Paithani or Nauvari sarees in Maharashtra. You can also opt for the elegant Kancheepuram saree of TamilNadu or the Banarasi saree from the North. The options are endless.

There you go! A simple guide about what to wear for women in India.

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