Essential Guide To Understand Common Indian Vocabulary and Phrases 0

2nd Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

With about 22 recognized languages across the country, India is home to more than 1500 minor dialects and languages. Hindi is the primary language spoken by the majority of the population while English is the secondary language extensively spoken across South India.

While visiting India, it is important for you to smoothly communicate with the locals. So here is a simple guide with the most important and common phrases to aid you:

1. Basic Words and Phrases

Phrases in English Phrases in Hindi
How are you? Kaise ho? / Kya Chal Raha hai? / Kya Haal hai
Fine, thank you, and you? Bahut acha, shukriya aur aap?
I understand / I don't understand Mai Samjha/ Nahi Samjha
Sorry Maaf kardo/ Khed haI
Goodbye/ See you again Alvida/ Phir Milenge
Welcome Swagat hai/ Mera subhagya hai, Koi Baat Nahi
Thankyou Dhanyawaad/ Shukriya
Excuse me Suniye
My name is (insert name) Mera naam hai
Yes/ No Ha/ Nahi
Good Morning Suprabhat
Good Night Shubhratri
Please Kripya
You Aap (For elders or superiors)
Tum, Tu (For rest)
What is your name? Aap ka naam kya hai?
Let's Go Chalo
Do you speak English? Kya aap angrezi bolte hai?


2. Phrases used during transactions

Phrases in English Phrases in Hindi
How much is it? Kitne kaa hai?
It is too cheap Bahut sastaa hai
It is too expensive Bahut mehengaa hai
Can you lower the price? Kya tum kam kar sakte ho?
I would like to buy this? Mai ye kharidna chahta hu
I like it/ I don't like it Mujhe ye pasand hai/ Mujhe ye nahi pasand
Money Paise
I am just looking around Mai bas dekh raha hu/ dekh rahi hu
Do you accept cards? Kya aap cards lete hai


3. Phrases related to Time and Direction

Phrases in English Phrases in Hindi
What time is it? Kitne baje hai/ kya waqt hua hai?
When? Kab?
Tomorrow/ Yesterday Kal
Today (Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening) Aaj (Subeh/ Dopeher/ Shaam)
Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday Somvar/ Mangalvar/ Budhvar/ Guruvar/ Shrukvar/ Shanivar
I am here on vacation Mai chutti par hu
I am here for business Mai yaha kaam se aaya hu
Where is it? Kaha hai woh?
Is it close/ Is it far? Paas hai/ Durr Hai
Straight ahead Seedha
Left/ Right Daaye/ Baaye
North / South / East / West Uttar/ Dakshin/ Purva/ Pashchim


4. Phrases related to eating and food

Phrases in English Phrases in Hindi
I am hungry/ I am thirsty Mujhe bhuk lagi hai/ Mujhe pyaas lagi hai
Enjoy Anand lijiye
It was delicious Swadishtha tha
What do you recommend? Aapka kya sujaav hai?
I am vegetarian Mai shakahari hu
Not spicy Masale ke bina
It's too hot Bahut garam hai
I am allergic Mujhe allergy hai
Water Paani
Tea/ Coffee Chai/ Coffee
Bill, please Kripya bill dijiye
I would like Mujhe chahiye..


5. Phrases to use during emergency, security or health issues

Phrases in English Phrases in Hindi
I need to see a doctor Mujhe doctor ke paas jaana hai
Call an ambulance Ambulance bulaao
Where is the hospital Aspataal kaha hai
I don't feel well Mujhe theek nahi lag raha hai
It hurts here Yaha dukh raha hai/ yaha chot lagi hai
Where can I find the restrooms/ toilets? Toilet kaha hai?
Help Madad karo
Danger Khatra
I am lost Mai kho gaya hu
Can you help me? Kya aap mujhe madad karoge/ sahayata karoge
I want to go to the police Police ke pass jaana hai

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