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6th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

You would never want to end up in a bug-filled room or a homestay with no toilet. Neither do we. While backpacking across a vast country like India, it is quite an essential and gruesome task to find budget-friendly accommodation which would not take over your other expenses. From Boathouse to local lodges, from pilgrimage stays to luxury establishments, we have created a simple guide for you to know how to find a perfect place to stay in India.

Types of Bookings

Woman in a hotel

  • Hospitality services in a huge and widespread business in India. You wouldn’t help but notice that most hotel owners would have some ‘relative’ in the next town operating in the same business or industry.

  • If you are staying in an establishment in one town, the owner is likely to recommend another one if they know what place you are visiting next. If you liked where you stayed and got a good deal then going along with such recommendations is not a bad choice. Who knows you might even a discount for the next hotel?

2. Booking Online

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  • Maybe you don’t have time to bother about booking a hotel in person. You want to save time and get done with it as quickly as possible? Then booking accommodations online is the right thing for you.

  • Your accommodation might be already booked if you have chosen a trip package which includes an overnight stay at hotels. Otherwise, there is a long list of sites you may use to book accommodation. Sites like Expedia, Booking.com, and Cleartrip might come in handy.

3. Booking On-the-go

Backpack on bed in hotel

  • If you are someone who is neither a fan of pre-booking or recommended stays, then on-the-go kind of bookings are right for you. Reach your destination and book local accommodations according to your choice.

  • This also includes bookings recommended by local taxi drivers or tour guides who work as hotel touts as they definitely have a fair share of commission in taking you there. Just make sure you get proper and clean rooms as promised on paper devoid of extreme bug infestation.

Types of Accommodations in India

Budget-Friendly Establishments

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  • Traveling on tight budget is every tourist’s dilemma. But when in India, the cost of accommodation is almost as low as traveling from one city to another twice. While backpacking or staying for just a single night, you may opt for low budgets lodges or even hostels.

  • Cleanliness and maintenance are not optimal in these places but good enough to spend one night. It is important to check whether you have a toilet or you have to use the common bath present on each floor. If you are looking for something, even more, cheaper, then right in a Dharmashala or hostels operated by religious organizations generally used by pilgrims.

Mid-range Establishments

mid-range hotels.jpg

  • Turn up the notch a bit. Add a TV, some Air-conditioning and a guaranteed private bath and you enjoy the comfort of Mid-range hotels. These medium-priced hotels offer room service along with attached restaurants to cater to your hunger.

  • They are cleaner, airy and far less noisy as compared to the budget-friendly ones. Don’t worry? You won’t be hearing what’s happening in the next room or share the toilet with a stranger.

Luxury Establishments

Kerala HouseBoat.jpg

Nicely decorated red theme room in Korta escape.jpg

  • You could just choose from any of these diverse options intended to provide you with exuberant local as well as international hospitality. From turbaned bellboys to exotic rides in a vintage automobile or upon enormous elephants, the only thing you would be complaining about is the overwhelming satisfaction blowing your mind.

Taj Palace Hotel.jpg

  • Luxury hotels like the Taj offer swanky interiors and western-styled boutiques, bars, and lounges making you feel right at home. All the high expenses for these stays are totally worth the experience.

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Other options

Camping Accommodation India.jpg

  • Apart from the aforementioned types, options such as homestays in urban areas with the locals are a must. Be it Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata, organizations such as Airbnb offer homestays anywhere you wish across the country.

  • Local agencies also offer Farm stays and rural village stay to acquaint you with the day to day lives of rural people in India. You may also opt to stay in hostels offered by temples, gurudwaras and charitable trusts at a nominal fee. If you are a wanderer and would like to go camping, various establishments offer camping facilities at trekking sites.

There you go! A simple guide for you to find the perfect accommodation while visiting India.

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