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22nd Jan 20

The most important check before travel - Hotel? Check. Forex? Check. Tour? Check. Transport? Check. Food? Check. Travel Insurance? No idea how it works? Does it seem like the process is too tedious? Well, if you have just landed in any part of India and do not have travel insurance, you must get it to avoid getting into later-on tedious procedures. Ideally, you should take travel insurance before leaving your country or travel start as this insurance offer a lot of benefit for flight travel as well.

If you are an Indian and traveling abroad this travel insurance guide will help you with all technical aspects and different companies who are giving travel insurance.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers you with a lot of hassle if you encounter while traveling. It covers you not only for medical emergencies but also on the flight if any unpleasant event like flight delay, baggage loss, passport loss, or travel emergency cash or accidental death as well. Hence it is imperative to buy travel insurance before your travel starts.

Overseas travel insurance is offered mostly by traveler's native country's insurance companies. The buyer chooses insurance companies mainly because of claim paying ability, which is established by the pedigree of insurance companies.

You should also be considering the ease of contacting customer care when you need it and overseas. So please check before leaving the customer care contact number in the country you are visiting. Another critical part which you should consider before choosing the sum insured. In many countries, it is a prerequisite to buying travel insurance of a certain minimum sum insured for visa consideration. Below that threshold sum insured you might not get the visa. The sum insured offered by travel insurance companies ranges from as low as USD 10k to USD 1 Mn also based on your requirement and travel dates.

One should not get confused by any chance with life insurance of health insurance, travel insurance is not the same at all.

India a land of diversity, will surprise you in every other way and render you content with its palatial blend of cultures and traditions. Now, getting your travel insurance will be a cherry on the top of this beautiful Indian Cake!

Why would you go the extra mile to avoid the process and then later regret not getting the travel insurance? There are ample reasons for you to get travel insurance and have a great time in India without any problems. Let’s get to know of this procedure in a detailed and structured way.

What exactly is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance, also known as trip insurance or visit insurance is like any other insurance and tends to cover rather than benefit your medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident, and other various expenses that you would face while traveling.

Travel Insurance can be issued before your departure or during booking flight tickets to India. Now, while booking your flight ticket and getting your travel insurance, it will cover the same exact duration of the trip. Also, a “multi-trip” insurance will cover an unlimited number of trips. There are many travel insurance companies to provide you with the same, but a certain amount of care must be taken into account so as to what expenses are being covered by a particular travel insurance company.

Some credit card issuers offer complimentary travel insurance for you if you have booked your tickets using a credit card. But again, take extra care when getting travel insurance to see to it that every mandatory or every necessary expense according to you gets insured.

Why is Travel Insurance a must while visiting India?

Getting travel insurance reduces rather, frees you from unnecessary expenses and makes your travel a hassle-free one. Say, you have to move out of India on an emergency basis, the travel insurance covers this and lets you move out without any problem or chaos. If you happen to lose your passport or some other problem that occurs during your stay in India, the travel insurance stands strong to get out of such situations. It not only will help you financially but also not stress you out in such situations.

Travel Insurance is a necessity for every individual traveling abroad. Be it a kid, a senior citizen or a solo traveler. This facility secures you during and before your trip so that there is no situation you need to worry about or an unforeseen accident.

Which are the famous global companies one can buy travel insurance before coming to India?

  1. Allianz Global Assistance, is the largest insurance company in the USA. It offers lower rates and being the largest company offer seamless. This company offers coverage to mainly USA citizens before leaving its country.

  2. World Nomads offer insurance to over 140 country residents. This travel company offers travel insurance to the traveler who has even left the country. World Nomads is also famous in providing difficult insurance coverage for adventure sports and many other covers which generally insurance companies put in exclusions. World Nomads is an Australian company and offers coverage globally to 140 countries citizens.

  3. Amex Assurance, is one of the leading companies offer various kinds of protection plans for USA citizens. Amex Assurance is the insurance company so don't get confused that only American Express credit card holders can buy this insurance. Any credit card co customer can also buy from them.

  4. Generali Global Assistance, is one of the oldest players which is providing insurance for more than 70 years. Generali's parent company is The Europ Assistance (EA) Group and its CSA travel protection plan is the most famous one.

  5. Seven Corners is the privately held company. They have also been a customer-centric company and came up with fewer complaints. They have also been published in the Forbes top list of USA insurance companies.

  6. Travelex, is owned by Cover-More Group, the Australian company. They offer comprehensive pans and seamless quick approval claims.

  7. Travel Guard, is the AIG company. They have also been known good in terms of providing good coverage.

Which are the various features of travel insurance in India?

  • Medical Treatment/Emergency Hospitalization - ** To rule out even a percent of **medical treatment or hospitalization while traveling cannot be avoided or ignored. Having travel insurance covers this medical expense which is given by your insurer.

  • Cancellation Fee/Compensation Charges for flight-related issues - You cannot completely rely on the time-to-be-taken information given to you. Due to weather conditions or severe flight accidents, there can be an issue for the same. If your flight has occurred with an accident or is canceled for genuine reasons, the amount will be covered by your insurance provider and you will be re-paid with the loss you’ve been incurred with.

  • Cashless Hospitalization Insurance - This insurance does not require you to pay any fees during your hospitalization or treatment period. The entire bill will be paid by your insurance provider.

  • Customized Insurance - The Customized Insurance facility is applicable for senior citizens traveling to India. This policy provided to the senior citizens is different than the other insurances because the needs of senior citizens are quite different than other age travelers. Thus, customized travel insurance is offered to them.

  • Travel Insurance for frequent flyers - If you need to or want to travel multiple times within a year, this kind of insurance is handy and useful for you. It is not possible for you to issue travel insurance each time to travel to India. For frequent flyers, the “multi-trip” travel insurance can be issued to travel with a year-long validity.

travel insurance

Which are the different travel insurance companies in India?

  1. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

  2. SBI Travel Insurance

  3. Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

  4. Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

  5. Future Generali Travel Insurance

  6. Apollo Munich Travel Insurance

  7. HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance

  8. Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

  9. United India Travel Insurance

  10. Tata AIG Travel Insurance

Which expenses does travel insurance cover?

There are various travel insurance expenses which the companies cover viz., medical treatment, trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost or damaged baggage, travel delays, and various other expenses.

Which are the best travel insurance policies in India?

  1. ICICI Lombard

  2. Apollo Munich

  3. Bajaj Allianz


  5. Reliance



apollo munich

Apollo Munich has set a benchmark during the past years and continues to maintain it. It is one of the most preferred travel insurance policies and one of the best. It covers most of the necessary travel expenses while traveling. Also, it will provide you with 5 different insurance plans:

  • Easy Travel - Individual Travel Insurance Plan

As a solo traveler, Apollo Munich tries to cover health/medical, dental treatment expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, missed connection, hijack allowances, loss of luggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident, and repatriation expenses.

  • Easy Travel - Family Travel Insurance Plan

With your family/partner, the family travel insurance plan will cover your health/medical, dental treatment expenses, trip curtailment, hijack allowances, loss of luggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident, and repatriation expenses.

  • Easy Travel - Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

Similar to the individual travel insurance plan, the senior travel insurance plan tries to cover health/medical, dental treatment expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, missed connection, hijack allowances, loss of luggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident, and repatriation expenses.

  • Easy Travel - Annual multi-trip Travel Insurance Plan

The annual multi-trip insurance pays for your health/medical, dental treatment expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, hijack allowances, missed connection, loss of luggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident, and repatriation expenses.

  • Educare Students - Travel Insurance Plan

This travel insurance plan meant for students includes and covers health/medical, dental treatment expenses, trip cancellation, trip curtailment, missed connection, hijack allowances, loss of baggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, accident, repatriation of mortal remains, medical cover for trips to India, study interruption protection, felonious assault, maternity expenses, childcare expenses, mental/nervous disorder treatment expenses, examination emergencies, HIV, cancer and drug dependency expenses.


bajaj allianz

Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company has various insurance plans for its customers and provides necessary and new opportunities. When it narrows down to issuing travel insurance, Bajaj Allianz has insurance plans which will suffice your trip and feature benefits.

  • Individual Travel Insurance Plan

This insurance plan will cover for your trip delay, medical/health expenses, dental expenses, loss of baggage/passport, accidental injuries, hijacks, and personal liability.

  • Family Travel Insurance Plan

When you take a trip with your family, this insurance plan has its benefits that cover your medical/health expenses, loss of baggage, disbursement of claims, trip curtailment, and cancellation expenses, and burglary expenses.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

This plan covers medical/hospitalization expenses, loss of luggage, disbursement of claims, trip curtailment, and cancellation expenses, and in case of burglary, this plan covers the expenses for the same.

  • Student Travel Insurance Plan

For this travel insurance plan, the issuer covers the expenses of medical/hospitalization/accident/emergency dental treatment, family visit expenses, incidental expenses, tuition fees, bail bonds, and loss of luggage/passport.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

Similar to Individual travel insurance plan, this corporate insurance plan covers medical/hospitalization/dental treatment expenses, accidental injury expenses, loss of checked-in baggage/passport, trip delay, personal liability, and hijack allowances.

  • Travel Asian Travel Insurance Plan

This insurance plan will cover your medical/hospitalization/dental treatment expenses, repatriation, loss of checked-in baggage/passport, delay of baggage, accidental expenses, AD & D common carrier, financial support, personal liability, and hijack allowances.

  • Bajaj Allianz Bharat Bhraman Travel Insurance Plan

The Bharat Bhraman Travel Insurance Plan is different and covers the majority of the required things such as covering your accidental expenses, permanent total disability, child education bonus, hospital every day allowances, personal liability, medical/hospitalization/emergency medical evacuation expenses, missed connection, trip cancellation/curtailment expenses, delay/loss of checked-in luggage, burglary insurance, emergency hotel extension, bounced hotel, trip delay, repatriation of remains, compassionate visit by a family member, and adventure sports.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance


HDFC ERGO insurance provides a cashless facility at over 8 lakh hospitals across the world, customer service 24x7, multi-trip policy, and other perks too. This insurance will give you a comprehensive insurance deal and make it dependable.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan

The single trip insurance will cover your medical expenses, hospital cash benefit, loss of baggage/personal or important documents, flight dealy, and dental treatment expenses.

  • Multi-trip Travel Insurance Plan

This insurance plan covers various expenses like medical/hospitalization expenses, accidental injuries, hospital cash benefit, repatriation of remains, loss of checked-in baggage/personal documents/passport expenses, flight/trip delay, personal liability, financial support, hijack allowances, and contingency travel benefit.

  • Asia Travel Insurance Plan

Similar to other insurance plans, Asia insurance plan will cover your emergency medical/hospitalization charges, delay/loss of baggage, flight/trip delay, hijack allowances, personal liability, accidental injury expenses, loss of personal documents, contingency trip benefit, financial support, repatriation of remains, and dental treatment expenses.

  • Family Floater Travel Insurance Plan

This insurance plan is different and not every company provides you this plan. It covers medical/hospitalization/accidental injury expenses, personal liability, trip/flight delay, loss of personal documents/checked-in baggage, hospital cash benefit, repatriation of remains, total permanent disability, contingency travel benefits, hijacks allowances, and financial support.

  • Student Suraksha Travel Insurance Plan

The Student insurance plan will cover accidental injury/death expenses, childcare benefits, bail bond, loss of personal documents/passport/checked-in luggage, personal liability, pregnancy medical expenses, disability expenses, compassionate visit, dental treatment expenses, and sponsor protection.

Reliance Travel Insurance


Reliance Insurance Policy assures you a hassle-free trip and is user-friendly with all the required and necessary things to be insured about.

  • International Travel Insurance Plan

The International Insurance pays for your medical/hospitalization, loss of passport/checked-in baggage, trip cancellation/interruption, trip/flight delay (trip delay up to a maximum of 6 days), compassionate visit, missed connections, and burglary expenses. This plan is curated for globetrotters traveling in various countries including Asia, Schengen Countries, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Middle East, UK, and South America.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance Plan

This plan is curated for travelers visiting the Schengen countries including Denmark, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and others. Medical/hospitalization expenses, loss of passport/baggage (or even delayed baggage), and compassionate visit.

  • Asia Travel Insurance Plan

Travelers traveling to Asian countries including China, Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai, and Thailand have the benefit of getting this insurance plan. This plan includes coverage for medical expenses, loss of baggage (or checked-in baggage)/loss of passport, trip delay of up to a maximum of 6 days, and financial support.

  • Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance Plan

The annual multi-trip plan covers medical/hospitalization expenses, loss of passport/checked-in baggage, trip delay, trip cancellation or interruption, daily allowances for hospitals, missed connection, burglary expenses, and compassionate visit.

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

This travel plan covers medical expenses, loss of passport/checked-in baggage, delay in baggage, financial support, hijack allowances of up to 7 days, trip delay/cancellation/interruption, missed connection, and burglary insurance.

  • Student Travel Insurance Plan

This student travel plan includes coverage for medical expenses, study interruption, 2-way compassionate visit, loss of checked-in baggage/passport.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance


TATA AIG insurance plans are curated in such a way that you will not have any situation to worry about during your trip.

  • Travel Guard Insurance Plan

This plan offers to pay for medical, loss of baggage/passport expenses, flight delay/cancellation, dental treatment expenses, emergency travel/repatriation, legal assistance, and hijack allowances.

  • Student Guard-Overseas Health Insurance Policy

This insurance plan will cover for your sickness/medical/death expense, loss of baggage/passport, dental treatment expenses, legal assistance, emergency travel/repatriation, hijack allowances, assault, maternity expenses, special extensions, childcare benefits, mental/nervous disorders treatment, cancer screening, physiotherapy, study interruption, fraudulent expenses, bail bond, sponsor programs, and trip delay.

  • Asia Travel Guard Plan

This plan covers medical expenses, loss of passport/baggage, accident, and personal liability.

  • Domestic Travel Guard Plan

It covers expenses for medical reimbursement, missed departure, loss of tickets, personal liability, and responsibility.


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