Best Tips To Find Safe Drinking Water in India 0

6th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

India has a water problem and its a fact. It is not the lack of water that should worry you as a tourist, but the abundance of tap water which is unsafe to drink. Unlike Indians, your body anatomy is not suitable or immune to the countless bacterias and impunities in the water available in India and so you need to know where and how to find proper safe drinking water.

Here is a simple list of guidelines follow -

Water From Tap

1. The biggest ‘no’ you will ever come across if you pop up the question - ‘Should I drink tap water’. Since the majority of Indians have access to tap water and they drink it, it doesn’t make you liable to do the same. It is unsafe and might contain lead, arsenic and a large number of bacteria or parasites. You may use the use for other purposes like washing and bathing but drinking it is a strict no.

Bottled Water

2. Use bottled mineral water or ask for filtered water. Many local establishments like dabbas and small food stalls may not provide filtered water so opt for bottled water which may cost you less than a dollar. Tourist-friendly good restaurants offer filtered water so go for it! Brands such as Kinley, Aquafina, Himalaya, Baileys are a handful. Check whether or not the seal of the cap is broken. If it is open do not accept it as it may be normal tap water.

Personal Water Filters

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3. Carry Personal Water filters or pocket water filters as they may come in handy while you are backpacking. Having a pack of Iodine tablets is also good to go.

Iced Water

4. Do not ask for ice while consuming cold drinks and beverages other than a good restaurant. It might be possible that the ice is made from tap water which may make you sick.

Hand Pump  GroundWater

5. Do not drink from public taps, groundwater pumps or even natural streams as they may be unsafe. They may contain heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, fluoride, nitrate, iron, insecticides from nearby industrial sites or agricultural fields.

Coconut water

6. It important to at least drink 2 liters of water a day to avoid dehydration since the temperatures in India may rise to 45-degree celsius. Drink natural fluids and beverages such as Coconut water, Lemonade (Not roadside), Chia Water (Sabja Seeds Water)

So there you go! A simple guide for some must know tips to find safe drinking water in India without getting sick.

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