The Ultimate Safety Guide To Follow While Travelling In India 0

12th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Nothing is more annoying than getting stuck in an unwanted situation in a foreign country. Therefore it is essential to ensure your safety and stay vigilant at all times. The same goes for a country like India. Yes, India has some of the best picturesque and photogenic sites and landmarks to offer, but to enjoy them without any problems should also be our priority.

To help to have a wonderful and safe experience in India without any hindrances, we have created a simple guide as follows:

1. A safe neighborhood is favorable for long stays

Locality Safe Bustling Neighborhood India

If you are someone who is opting for a homestay or even visiting India for a longer period of time and have planned to rent a place, safety should be your priority. Safe neighborhood ensures you can come, go and live peacefully without any fear of theft. Discuss with your Indian friends, use social media forums for your queries and do complete research so that you find the best place to live in India. A flat in midst of a bustling locality would be safer than a secluded apartment right?

2. Travel in groups especially at night

Tour Group India

It doesn’t matter if you are a rogue backpacker exploring India, traveling at night is much safer with either a group and more than one individual. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can always enjoy the magnificent nightlife offered in India but it is better to have a companion.

3. Carry a power bank

Power Bank Battery

Relentless journeys throughout the day might drain out the battery of your phone. Therefore it is important to carry a portable power to keep your phone charged. Before heading out it is vital to charge your phone so you could use essential tools like GPS to find the right route.

4. Carry a diary of emergency numbers at all times

Women Calling Emergency Numbers

The first thing to do as a tourist would be knowing all the emergency numbers of the country you are visiting. Along with saving them in your phone, writing them down in a diary would be an optimal decision. Here is a list of emergency tourist helpline numbers you could use all over India:

  • 100 - Police
  • 101 - Fire
  • 102 - Ambulance
  • 1033 - Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways
  • 104 - Medical helpline Number
  • 1070 - Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities
  • 1070 - Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory
  • 1071 - Air Accident
  • 1072 - Train accident
  • 1073 - Road Accident
  • 1077 - Control room of District Collector/Magistrate
  • 108 - Disaster management
  • 1091 - Women in Distress
  • 1092 - Earth-quake Helpline service
  • 1096 - Natural disaster control room
  • 1099 - Central Accident and Trauma Services
  • 112 - All in one Emergency Number
  • 1322 - Indian Railway Security Helpline
  • +91-8750871111 - Helpline number of foreign national

5. Women travel only in women railway compartments

Ladies Only Metro Sign

Trains in India be it the Metros or the suburban local rails have special ‘ladies’ compartments and coaches reserved only for women. While traveling alone or during the night, these are quite preferable you ensure safety. Women may also use safety mobile apps available in India such as MySafetyPin, Smart24X7, Himmat, Raksha, bSafe and much more to alert officials during unwanted circumstances just in case. If you are planning a trip to India contact us for free advice and your trip planning assistance, we would be glad to assit you.

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