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6th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

So you are in India for a business trip? You don’t want to ruin your business suits? Or maybe you prefer exploring the streets of India through the window of an air-conditioned vehicle? Whatever your reason may be, there is no denying the fact that riding in a colorful cab in India is both a wholesome and sophisticated experience. India is famous for its cabs which follow different colored livery and a metered-fare system.

Types of Cabs in India

A bit of history

Taxi New Delhi

  • Cabs in India are generally preferred to be called Taxis. Dating back to the 1970s, the streets of India were ruled by the old vintage Ambassador taxis painted black and yellow. Over the period of time, these were replaced by the newer Padmini taxis with the same colored livery.

  • After decades of running around with passengers, the newer models of hatchbacks and supermini cars of various automotive manufactures completed took the industry in their grasp. The drivers embraced this change and opted for the newer vehicles.

The New age of Cabs

Private Taxi India

  • For some recent years, private cab services like Meru Cabs, Easy Cabs, and Savaari started subscribers and call based-hiring services to cater to the customers.
  • Thousands of independent drivers operate without any obligations while being registered under the jurisdiction of the Taxi Drivers Union and Authority.
  • App-based services like Ola and Uber have ventured into Indian taxi foray and have largely turning out to be beneficial for the customers to hire a cab just by using their app.

How to book a cab in India

Booking a prepaid taxi

Prepaid Taxi Mumbai

  • As soon as you step out of the plane, you can board a taxi while being on the premises of the airport. All the airports in India offer prepaid taxi services to either your hotel or destination.

  • If you do not have a cab arranged to take you to your hotel or wish to avoid the trouble of fighting for cabs yourself, you may choose to hire a prepaid taxi. Though generally more expensive, it is far more preferable to calculate the actual cost and distance until your destination rather than paying more than the usual rate.

Hire a Meru cab, EasyCab or any independent cab

Meru Cab India

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  • If you want to lessen the burden on your wallet and wish to justify the fares with the distance traveled then opt for any independent cabs or services like Meru cabs.

  • You get a ticket after registering on Meru which has the taxi number upon it. Just verify the number, tell your destination and the driver will turn down the meter for a fair priced ride. Each penny will be worth the kilometer driven. Just use your GPS to make sure you are on the right track. These cabs are air-conditioned and comfortable.

  • You should note that it will cross expressways or highways, it is your responsibility to pay the toll (local tax using roadways) since it isn’t the part of the ride fare.

  • You may pay more than what the bill is if you are willing to give a tip to the respective driver

Hire app-based services like Ola and Uber

Ola Uber

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  • The recent game-changers in the Cab service industry are Indian based Ola cabs and US-based Uber Cabs. You may use either of these cab services which offer the same peer-to-peer ridesharing system. You can download either of these apps on your mobile phone and hire a cab.

  • You may choose the type of cab and check the exact electronically calculated fare that will be charged once you reach your location.

  • You may also check the status of the cab and the duration it will take to reach your location.

  • These cabs have basic utilities like Wifi, AC, emergency switch, airbags, GPS, gadgets and charging port and much more.

Regional taxis including tempos and motor taxis

Motorbike Taxi Goa India

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  • There are regional and local variations in cab services offered across the diverse landscape of India. Motorbikes posing as Motor Taxis are quite famous in the state of Goa.

  • These taxis are for single commuters who wish to explore the sights firsthand and closely. The fare varies according to the distance but is usually the same, at the same places.

  • Other parts of the country, usually the rural areas have painted tempos and tractor carts driven by local village men operating as a unique form of taxis. The fare here varies according to the region.

So there you go! A simple and complete guide of how to travel in cabs throughout India to make your journey more smooth and easier.

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