Best Tips and Guide To Access Toilets in India For Tourists 0

6th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

So you had plenty of street food and need to relieve yourself? But you don’t know where are toilets located? You also don’t have a faint idea of whether they are hygienic or not? Don’t worry we got you covered. Thanks to the ‘Swacch Bharat’ (Clean India) campaign, thousands of toilets grace the major cities and rural areas. Even though a large number of people still resort to open defecation in India, you don't have to do so as well.

Here is a simple guide regarding toilets in India and how to use them :

Public Toilet India

1. Public toilets in India are at every point in major cities. These toilets majorly consist of the Asian squat type commode toilets. They are usually pay-per-use and are fairly hygienic especially in the urban areas.

Squat toilet in India

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2. Embrace the local variation and try to use the squat versions since it would be difficult to find a western sit-down toilet especially in the rural areas.


3. In these Indian-style toilets, the locals use water to clean themselves. There is always a small bucket or a plastic jug in a corner with occasionally a tap so you do not run out of water.

4. It may feel unhygienic but using water instead of toilet paper may prevent you from getting skin infections in the humid climate of India.

Soap Paper Strips

5. Make sure you carry paper soaps available at the chemist. Public toilets rarely provide with soap to these may come in handy. You also carry a small soapbox or a hand sanitizer otherwise.

English toilet india

8. Make sure the spray and the flush are working properly before using the toilet. You may carry toilet seat covers as per your requirement when using these toilets. You also carry toilet seat sanitizers to clean the seats if you wish.

Indian Change Money

9. Using public toilets may cost you a nominal fee equivalent to a few cents. Make sure you have relevant change of 2 to 5 rupees.

*There you have! A simple hassle-free must know guide about using toilets in India. *

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