What Should Men Wear In India - A Simple Guide For Tourists 1

8th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Men traveling to India need to hide skin too? Maybe but unlike women, the list of clothes to wear for men in India is quite simple and liberal. Still, you can’t walk with a t-shirt proclaiming your love for cuss words. You even can’t wear shorts to an Indian wedding. Therefore it is important to know what exactly is appropriate for men to wear in India.

Here are a few pointers as follow:

1. Wear breathable and light fabrics to sustain in high temperatures

tshirt men in india

There is no denying the fact that India is a hot country. The temperatures may reach as high as 45-degree celsius. So wearing a hoodie is not an ideal option. Opt for short-sleeved brightly colored shirts or t-shirts to beat the heat. You can wear either jeans or baggy shorts for long expeditions. Leather clothes are not a great idea. Instead, choose cotton material for proper ventilation. Light pants, buttoned-down shirts, and jogger pants are preferable.

2. Leave clothes depicting profanities at home

Offensive tshirt

India is definitely a fairly westernized country but unlike the urban cities, a t-shirt full of vulgar phrases would never be appreciated in the rural or semi-urban regions. It also isn’t favorable to wear clothes offending anyone’s feelings, religion or community in general. It is wise to rather leave these in your cupboard by at home

3. Go traditional and wear Kurta

Kurta Men India

Quite similar to the women, Kurta is also worn by men in India during traditional or religious occasions. They are cotton tunics that can be worn over jeans or pajama. They are breathable and you will definitely be respected among the local folks.

4. Witness weddings in a Sherwani

Sherwani India

Sherwani is a patterned, colorful and more festive form of Kurta. It involves a coat worn over a kurta which has varying patterns and designs. You can also wear a Pathani suit which is the same as sherwani but with more of a royal feel. They can either be bought readymade or tailored as per preference.

5. Try Dhoti or Lungi and feel like South Indian film star

Lungi Dhoti Men India

Traditional fabrics are worn across the waist by men during religious or festive occasions. These fabrics are called as Dhoti. It comes in different colors and patterns.

There you know! the simpler guide for what men should wear in India.

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