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29th Feb 20
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

So you are boarding a train while being on your trip to India? The last thing you would want to happen while traveling in Indian railways is ending up in a wrong coach, wrong platform or even a wrong train altogether.

Amidst the hassle and the bustling on the railway platforms, it gets difficult to find your coach. The same goes for locating the platform number on which one train is arriving. Indian railway trains have train names or numbers, that can be identified through a proper railway enquiry. Maybe you are facing a train delay or stuck between a million passengers trying to board some train as well?

Not to worry!

Here is the ultimate simple guide to get through all the fuss and tell you exactly how to locate and identify your coach, platform and check the live train running status:

How and where to check your status of the train

National Train Enquiry System How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

  • So you need to know where your train is at the moment? If you are interested in checking the live train status of your express then the website of the National Train Enquiry System.

  • You can check it by entering the train number mentioned on your ticket. It also has an official app available instead of the website.

  • This is one of the easiest and convenient way to spot your train and its location.

  • Here are a few pointers to help you on the site:

    • When you visit the website, under the 'Spot Your Train' icon, you will find a box denoting, 'Enter train name and number

    • Enter your train name or number. Pick your preferred train and go

    • You would have to mention your boarding or arrival platform. Also, select the date of your journey/ boarding/ arrival or departure.

    • After this, you can see the details of your trains mentioned on your screen just like the image below -

      Spot your train icon How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

    • It gives you details about the live running status of the train, real-time current position, source station, last updated station, and expected time of departure. You choose either choose between the 'boarding' and 'deboarding' options.

    • You can even use the other tabs to know about the live station, canceled trains, rescheduled trains, average train delay, diverted trains, and the latest train schedule.

    • You can also use sites like India Rail Info and Trainman to check your coach number and the train platform number.

Trainman official site How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India.jpg

  • Following are the technical terms for you to easily understand the train names, coach numbers, and platform numbers:

    • S.No: Serial numbers of railway stations where the train stops.

    • Station Name & Code: Name & official Station Code of Stations where the train stops.

    • Actual Arrival Time: Time when the train actually arrived at that station.

    • Actual Departure Time: Time when the train it actually arrived at that station.

    • Late / Early: Whether the train is on time or delayed and by how much time.

    • Current Position: Time of Arrival, Time of Departure, Estimated Time as per the case.

    • Scheduled Arrival Time: Expected Time of Arrival when the train was originally scheduled to arrive at that station.

    • Scheduled Departure Time: Expected Time of Departure when the train was originally scheduled to depart from that station.

    • Halt Time: Stoppage real-time at that station.

    • Platform Number: The real platform number where the train is scheduled to stop

    • Enroute Day: The Number of Day of the train journey

    • Distance: Overall distance covered from the source station.

Things to do when you reach the platform

It is important to arrive at the platform early

Be early at the platform How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

  • Being punctual has always been crucial. But while traveling by trains in India, it is even more important.

  • Let’s say your train is going to arrive at 5 pm so make sure you reach the platform at least 2 hours early. You need to reach your source station before the expected time of arrival of your train.

  • The schedule of the Indian railway trains keeps changing. Trains are usually late but if you arrive early, then you can get knowledge regarding those changes beforehand.

  • When you arrive at the station, you must find the platform on which your train is going to arrive. If you arrive early then you may be able to keep up with the changes in schedules and platform.

  • If you are confused or missed out on the updates then ask any railway official. You may also resort to inquire the food vendors on the platforms since they have a thorough knowledge of trains and related information.

Railway Platform Number (Image Courtesy)

Check the Platform number, Coach number and seat

Platform Number How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

  • To know the exact platform number check pre-installed static or electronic panels suspended by the roofs of the platforms. If confused, seek help of vendors, porters or railways officials.

Electronic Display Board How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

Railway Coach Number India

  • Once the train arrives to check the rectangular boards placed upon the coaches which show the coach number. They are in series like A1, A2. A3, etc. It also mentions the type of coach it is like General, Sleeper, AC, etc. These numberings help you to locate proper train coach positions.

  • After you find your coach (carriage), make sure you stand near it or in the line to make sure you get to board earlier then the latecomers.

Indian Railways Platform How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

  • It is quite normal that you would find railways stations in India a lot crowded. You have to struggle to get on board most of the coaches. Its a worthy battle as once you get on board, you don’t have to worry about much.

  • Make sure you don't hurt yourself or other in the process. Keep a smile on your face and avoid any altercation with fellow passengers. If any inappropriate or unwanted situations arise, then calmly tackle them or seek help of the railways officals and ticket collector.

Indian Porters Coolie How to check live train status How to find train coach and platform in India

(Image Courtesy)

  • Make sure you carry your luggage safely and not lose it. Hire a porter, locally known as coolie who carries your luggage properly onto the train coach for fixed nominal charges depending on your luggage.

  • Check your ticket to locate the seat number. There is a possibility that other passengers may have occupied your seat by mistake or for the time being.

  • Ask them courteously to change the seats and show them your ticket. If you get confused, seek the help of the ticket collector.

  • Keep the ticket with you at all times on your train journey. Do not misplace it or lose it because it may lead to a hefty fine.

There you are! A simple and straightforward guide to Check Your Train Status, Platform, and Coach Position in India.

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