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12th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Even wondered why India was the most sought after country by foreign invaders? For its wealth? No. For its gold? No. The answer is - ‘Food’. And the reason why its food attracted so many rulers was the abundance of spices all across India. Spices, condiments and varied ingredients used to prepare countless dishes make India one of the few nations with invaluable gastronomical wealth. As diverse as its landscape so is its long list of cuisine.

Let us take a look at the mouth-watering dishes available all across the country with this simple guide:

1. The strong-hearted relishing delicacy of North India

Chole Paneer Tandoori Naan North Indian Dish

  • North Indians have a tougher body frame. Thanks to their strong diet which includes staple food mainly consisting of wheat, milk products and a lot of meat. Food in the Northern states is usually made in charcoal heated ovens called tandoor.

  • Flatbreads called naans, rotis and parathas are a significant part of their daily diet complemented with milk, lassi, ghee and cottage cheese. Whether it is Kashmir, Delhi or the state of Punjab, delicacies here are a part of the incredible culture.

  • Well-known dishes of the North are Samosa, Pani puri, Dahi Bhalle, Lassi, Naan, Paratha, Rajma, Kebab, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chole Bhature, Sarso Da Saag, Dal Baati, Aloo Puri, Kachori and many more.

2. The rice-filled spicy offerings of South India

Idli southindia food

  • How would you like rice in everything but it’ll taste different and even better every time you have it? This is the case of the scrumptious food of South India. Whether it is potato-filled Dosa or the soft momo-like Idli, everything hugely consists of rice in some or the other way.

  • From the best seafood of Kerala to the lip-smacking cuisine of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, get ready for the fiery ride of spicy dishes. Whether you savor Rasam in Chennai or have a bite of famous Biryani in Hyderabad, you would fill both your tummy and heart to the very limit.

  • Well-known dishes of the South are Idli, Dosa, Uthhapam, Vada, Biryani, Rasam, Puttu, Jackfruit chips, Banana Chips, Appam and much more

3. The mixture of spicy, sweet and tangy food of West India

Misal Pav Food Maharashtra

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  • The food in the western regions of India varies according to the states. Where on the one hand you would find delightful sugary dishes in Gujarat, on the other hand, you would find spicy and tangy dishes in Maharashtra. The elaborate seafood of Goa is just another story altogether.

  • Unlike Gujarat, cuisine in Maharashtra largely consists of non-vegetarian options which include fish, meat and chicken. The Marathi speaking community offers dishes such as Aamti, Rassa, Pithla Bhakri, Misal Pav, Puran Poli, Bharli Vanga and much more. While Goa boasts its excellent fusion of Konkan and Portuguese influences in preparing dishes like Pork Vindaloo, Goan chourico, Xacuti Curry and much more.

4. The enticing cuisine of East India

Roshgulla sweet West Bengal Food

  • The cuisine of East India majorly consists of fish, meat, pork and lots of soups. Come to the regions of Bengal and Orissa and you will be served with countless mouthwatering fish curries that are locally known as Jhol. Missing out on desserts like Misti Doi and Roshgulla would be a crime in the realm of foodies.

  • Move further east to Sikkim, Himachal, and Nagaland and experience the brilliant blend of Tibetan and Himalayan cuisines. Try soups, momos, stews, noddles complemented with pork, beef, and fish quite relevant to survive the harsh temperatures of higher altitudes.

  • Famous dishes to try in East India are Maccher Jhol, Daab Chingri, Sandesh, Mishti Doi, Rasgulla, Thupka noodle soup, Himalayan beer by the name of Tongba, Pork stew and much more.

No matter where you go in India, neither your appetite nor you heart would ever be full while having the rich gastronomical offering across the country.

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